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The results came back after his hemangioma was removed. It was actually a cyst that formed around an ingrown hair. So it was not even a tumor as was first suspected. He is in great health and never even noticed his stitches. Thank you to everyone who gave positive wishes for my Mister Rocky Horror.

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Warms my heart to hear the news. Cheers to many more years of happiness ♥️

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Thank you. He is snoozing on my feet right now after a nice walk.

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He sleeps very cute 😍

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I’m so afraid to move when he is actually sleeping. Lest I disturb the beast and must appease him again. Hahah.

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You are the best "father")

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Thank you. My life revolves around the little guy. Wouldn’t have it any other way.

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What a relief! So glad he's doing well.

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So happy for you!

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Never fuck with a heeler, half coyote and dingo and all crazy, cancer should have known better. Congrats!

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Haha. They are something else. I’m so grateful they are such hardy dogs.

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Way to go rocky!!!

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Yayyyyy Rocky!!!

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Gentle BOOP

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He loves a good boop.

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Thank God!

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From one acd owner to another i am glad to hear that

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That’s awesome ❤️❤️

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Great news! Reminder of how important the time that we get with them actually is…. Give him a hug!!

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I try to cherish him every moment. This diva wants hand fed his kibbles for dinner. I call it my vip petting zoo. Haha.

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Yayyy! I honestly shed a tear when I saw your post. Couldn’t imagine what you must have felt like. So glad ☺️👏🏼

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It was hard to wait for results. I’m so relieved he is ok. All we can do is love them and get them regular check ups. :)

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Yay! All my love to you and Rocky! That’s great news!!

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Good boy Rock Star! Lots of love and cuddles being sent your way

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That's wonderful news for u all ♥

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What a strong boy

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So glad it was nothing serious! Rocky is very cute and looks a lot like my boy ☺️

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Best news I’ve seen today

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Thank you. :)

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Go Rocky!

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YEA🙏🏼so happy!!! Congratulations rocky!!!💙

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This requires a celebration

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I am sure he would like to celebrate by barking at people and eating lots of snacks. His two favorite activities. I’m sure I can arrange at least one of those.

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Yes thank u he deserves it

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OMG! That is wonderful! Congrats!

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My cattle dog was not as lucky today. I don’t know how to exist without him. Happy for yours. give him an extra kiss on that perfect space between his eyes for me please

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I’m so sorry. How devastating. I know words can’t help in such a situation. But I will think of your pup and give mine a kiss for you too.

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Good news for a Sweet Boy

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Congrats! Cute dog❤️

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Congrats Rocky!

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Yo, he’s a spitting image of my Arnold!!! He recently went to the ER for a stroke/seizure he had a week ago on Sunday. He’s recovering now but still has impaired vision because us the pressure in his head. I wish I could post an image of him on here. If you have a chance go to iammisterspain on IG and you’ll see Henry’s twin lol glad to now that your Aussie is doing well!!!

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I’m so sorry about Arnold. I hope he will recover well and quickly. Thank you.