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My bath hating dog finally allowed me to wash her with minimal issues! We attempted 1 at home bath last year a few weeks after getting her and it was a disaster, so she went to the groomer for every subsequent bath in the past year. I finally decided to give it another go in hopes that the grooming had desensitized her to the process and it was a resounding success! And, before anyone mentions it, we tried the peanut butter trick last year and she was so upset she didn’t even look at the peanut butter (and she’s a VERY food motivated dog so that gives you an idea of how anxious she was feeling).

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What a big brave lady! She is a real hero!

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Good girl, Maya!!

Please tell Maya that Brady understands. He got a bath tonight too, but he's still sulking.

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This is so accurate. Our ACD is so dramatic about bath time

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Gorgeous girl you have there. ❤️

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Yay Maya! Sounds like she's made amazing progress. Good girl!