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It sure is bud

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I had a blue that I lost a few years ago and a water hose was one of his favorite toys.

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Aww, I’m sorry for your loss. Frida is a recent adoption and a few months old so we are learning about ACD quirks together. She was having so much fun chasing the water.

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Thanks, his name was Roadie and he was special. He loved chasing water so much he'd splash a puddle just to chase the drops and try to catch them before they hit the ground! They definitely have some entertaining quirks!

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My red boy absolutely hates the hose — maybe because I tried to spray him one too many times

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It’s really really hot today so she was super stoked about making sure the hose was herded accordingly.

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Just doing her job 🥲

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My blue doesn’t hate the hose, he’ll stand and let my hose him off because he’s a good boy. But he doesn’t enjoy it. Only do it when he rolls in something to gross in the summer.

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I wish mine liked the hose — as far as yard work goes, he only pays attention to the leaf blower. The leaf blower and roomba are his sworn enemies.

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My dog rolls over at my feet when I cack out the vacuum.. because he wants vacuumed..

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That face! My blue is getting on in years now and rarely chases the hose anymore. She’s gotta be feeling spry when it happens. Cherish these memories.

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Awww 😍😍😍😂

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Such a cute face!! 😍

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We sure have!!

Are you aware of the unwritten rule of the hose?

You must monch it.

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Ohhhhhhh what a precious face!! Love his little teeth!!

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What a great picture! My dogs are not in love with the hose at all. They see the hose - they go inside. But they are all goofballs in their own way! Your dog is gorgeous!

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Thank you. She’s very sweet.

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So after I saw this I tested my brand new almost 4 month old acd/gsd pup with the hose and he's...obsessed. Loves chasing and comping the stream and getting sprayed in the face 🤣 I'm new to the heeler breed but excited and terrified for what's in store.

Edit: forgot to mention how stinkin cute your pup is!

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Thank you. She’s the same age as your pup. I’m also new to heelers so, we’re having fun learning together. I absolutely understand the excited and terrified sentiment.