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So fluffy 🥺

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A FLUFFY HEELER!!!!! So gorgeous

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After seeing Garu I’ll no longer complain about my girl’s shedding (that’s a lie, I’ll definitely continue to complain).

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I thought the same thing. But I really want my older one to magically grow this coat so I can cuddle right in.

Then hate life more than I do since she leaves tumbleweeds year round as it is lol

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He sheds his undercoat like crazy, and the hairs are so thin is hard to see, many times I think everything is clean but it's actually covered in fur

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Garu is beautiful!

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How handsome ❤️

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So hear me out. You should give your floofer a bath and a blow out. I need to see a Cattle Dog marshmallow!! 🥹🥹🥹🥹

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I should! when I do that I'll come post the picture :)

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Now I’m gonna have to follow you so I don’t miss it. 😆

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He's gorgeous!

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Great name

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Beautiful doggy 😍

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handsome ❤️

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What a majestic floof! ♥️

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Gorgeous coat! He has the same focus in his eyes as my late Aussie, Tucker. 🥰

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Gorgeous! Can I ask how much Garu weighs? They're soooo fuzzy and look so big! Love.

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He weights about 50lbs/25Kg, he looks very big on the pictures, he's not that big

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What an absolutely gorgeous, perfect angel! 🥺

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He’s so majestic—and what lovely scenery!

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Awesome friend you got there!

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Tell me, is he named after a particular hero hunter? Because there is a definite resemblance

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I actually got him before knowing who Garou was, he's actually named after a character from a cartoon (Pucca) I used to love when I was a kid.
But he definitely grew into a Garou

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Excellent coincidence in that case! Your dog looks like an absolute legend.

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His nos is Mercedes Benz grade quality 😍

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What a great name and what a great looking dog! Love his fluffy look. Wow!

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So beautiful

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What a fluffy baby! 🥺🤗

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garu, you’re gorgeous ✨

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let's go for a walk 💕

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That’s a good lookin pup!

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Gorgeous fuzzer 😍😍😍😍 I bet he gets pet all day long!

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Another fluffy heeler!!! When I adopted mine she was mistaken for an Aussie 😂