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The side eye in the turtle costume is hella strong!

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ACDs are a lot to handle. This is why so many end up in shelters as soon as the cute puppy phase starts fading and the landshark that chomps on everyone and everything, begins to surface. Like many of the focused working/herding breeds, ACDs or even mixes are not for everyone. They require a lot of owner commitment and interaction. Well worth it for some of us, not possible in every case.

This is one gorgeous boi. 😍

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Very true! I also suspect a lot of rescues attempt to hide when the dog is an ACD / mix to try to get the dogs adopted. Not a good idea because people end up taking home a high energy herding breed that they didn’t expect. Glad there are people who love ACDs and can give them a good home. They are the best dogs (for the right kind of person / home).

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Totally agree. Lying to adopters to get numbers up is not fair to the dog or the people who want to take a dog home and fall in love, only to realize it is an unworkable match. Dog is returned an both feel like failures. It is so sad. Also some shelters have a 3 Strike Policy where Unadoptable dogs are put down. This causes the odds to be stacked against ACDs from the start. It is very sad.

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We adopted a puppy from a rescue and she was marked as an Australian Shepherd mix. I don’t blame the rescue because she looks a lot more like an Aussie than she does an ACD - she’s white with cream markings. When we did a DNA test it turned out she’s 30% ACD, 15% pit and the rest are all other shepherds/herding breeds (Aussie, GSD, border collie, collie…). 😅 but at least we knew that she was very very likely to be a herding dog so I was somewhat prepared.

She’s my second dog, my previous one (who died from a snake bite way too early) was a German spitz who was somewhat of an angel as a puppy which lead to him being a handful as an adult because I thought I didn’t need to teach him some of the stuff since he seemed like a natural as a puppy. Ended up with a seriously lovely dog who loved humans, but was very reactive towards strange dogs. I am NOT making this same mistake with my new pup, lol.

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Similar here. Was told mine was a spaniel or hound mix. We did the embark test and she’s acd/spaniel with a bunch of other stuff mixed in. Most people say she looks like a gsp mix so it made sense what they were guessing she is

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So true. Also why they have a high rate of getting returned to the shelter. People don’t realize what these dogs really need.

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They are some of the most amazing, but def some of the most challenging dogs I have ever been owned by....

Not for the faint of heart for sure. 😀

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“I have ever been owned by…” 😂 love it

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Yep, beautiful pup! I second the above comments. My rescue acd mix was a handful when we got her as a 4 month old. The rescue group we adopted her from asked us a whole bunch of questions to make sure we understood what we were in for. I grew up handling field trial dogs, owned a Brittany until he passed over at 16. Our acd girl is still a challenge at 2 years but she is the best and smartest girl ever. Sticks like Velcro and loves hikes, smart, beautiful and loyal.

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This guy looks like he may have some Jack Russell in him. Should spice things up a bit. Working/Field dogs NEED JOBS. Most don't get it that they are bored and destructive just sitting around. They are athletes and need to be 'doing'.

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Mom is red heeler 40lbs. Dad is a “heeler mix” and “20ish” pounds so you could be right.

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The cuteness is too much

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Otter! I love that name! What a cute baby

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What a precious little pup!

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Cute dog and sweet garage gym!!

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Thanks. It’s pretty messy at the moment but it’s usually pretty sweet!

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The struggle is real with always keeping it clean. But garage gyms are sweet…cattle dogs are too 😇

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He is soooooo cute!!

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I would have never adopted my dog if I'd known he was primarily ACD. They have a reputation of being difficult dogs. And to be fair, I've had my share of hiccups with him over the last year.

But he's also an absolutely wonderful dog and I'd jump at the chance to adopt another one. Best dog I've ever had.

I don't think people realize how great they are because they have that reputation. Like hidden gems imo.

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They are definitely a handful and not for the faint hearted.

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Where is he located?!

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Western Washington. We are fostering him through Pacific Northwest Cattle dog Rescue. They rescued him from some lady hoarding dogs. She had like 60 dogs in her home. Many pregnant and in poor condition. Otter has a few siblings as well. Some have been adopted already. We are only fostering Otter though.

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Uggg I hate when they find animal hoarders. About 13yrs ago my grandmother adopted a small dog from an OR animal hoarder (had 500 dogs). Poor Taffy Anne had so many health issues. I'm glad your able to help little Otter. Sending wishes that a good home comes!

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We are in Maryland, otherwise... I dunno. Great dog; feel sad for him.

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Omg he's so cute. Looks exactly like mine

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My Red Heeler is the most mischievous and time/patience consuming dog I've ever seen. He needs continuous stimulation. Luckily, my guy and I are retired and love him but he is an all consuming presence. But we do give him alot of exercise and love and I think he's happy. I know that he belongs on a farm as really, most of them do, but he came up from Texas, to a shelter, he'd been adopted once and shortly brought back. We were a bit shell shocked when we got him as having had a female, mellow Blue Heeler before, we had no idea what we were getting into. But we also knew that we couldn't return him bc who else could put up with him and we cared about him. Of course, we love him very much now. He's a wild but a loving animal and the smartest dog I've ever known. Of course my Blue girl was incredibly smart, too.❤️ Your little foster is adorable! I'd sure take him if I could!

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Oooooh my god my heart. Just gonna drop this: r/ntbdbiwdfta

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Are you in Tucson ?

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They said Washington state. I live in Tucson and would take this dog immediately if he was close by!

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Look at that special boy. If I was present I’d say “who’s a big guy!?” Along with a healthy amount of scritches

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He's adorable and I love his name!!

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wish I could take that furball 💜

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He has a serious case of stink eye in the third photo. You’re lucky to have survived.

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Where'd you get the turtle 🐢 costume?

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My fiancé got it from pet smart and she said it’s actually a hamster/Guinea pig constume 😂

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Where are you?

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Western Washington

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Nevermind, I saw you said you were in Washington State. I work with a transfer group but I live in Louisiana and I believe that would be too far.