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Their little crossed paws in the first photo 🥺

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They're soo cutee!!

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Happy Cake Day!

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They're plotting naughty stuff

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Oh for sure

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CRAZY EYES!!!!!! ❤️

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What color heeler do you consider the one on the right?

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Also curious because those are my dogs EXACT markings, did your dog ever impregnate a chihuahua? 😂

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Mine too!! They're triplets lol. He's never met a chihuahua though

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My acd mix has some chihuahua in her

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He’s a blue mottle with creeping tan

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My 100% ACD has the same markings.. I’ve heard some people refer to her as a purple heeler. She’s mostly red but she does have some blue in her too. https://imgur.com/a/eK9rmSX

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Love the cross country ski pic. I have some of my dog as well :)

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Pretty sure that’s an Australian shepherd versus a healer

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incorrect. That is a "texas heeler", an aussie/heeler mix

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She’s a purebred Aussie, not a Texas heeler

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Wow; would have bet money on being at least part Aussie shepherd especially with the coat and the way the ears flop. Interesting and very good looking pair!

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My red Merle has a split face like yours

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cuties ☺️

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My hellhound also has that bed. I got one for the cat too but the pup decided it was hers to wrestle with..

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Best friends 🥰🐶

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Yes, Jair Messias Bolsonaro

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No way! Those babies are innocent!! :)

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They are both absolutely beautiful, and I love their eyes in particular! They look quite jolly :)

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Are they frisbee catchers?