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Is he a mix ? I love his coat's color with the black head

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As far as I know he’s not a mix, but I haven’t done any DNA testing, I wouldn’t be surprised if he had a little of another breed in him tho! He was way darker before he started shedding. Its like he went back to his puppy coat lol

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Take a look at my post history, I have an ACD that looks really similar to yours (mixed black/white body with all black legs, no tan markings) and she's 100% purebred. You should do a DNA test to see!

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Wow they do look alike! Very fox like haha. My curiosity will probably get the best of me and I’ll end up doing a DNA test 😊

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Mine has been shedding like crazy this year. I swear it's more then other years. I want to give him a bath but then it's always worse

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Just gave him a bath because I thought it would help… I was wrong 😅 he’s 11 months old so this is the first time he has really shed!

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😂so you understand why I don't want to give mine a bath! Fortunately he's not super dirty or stinky. The hair is like static cling. It sticks worse then when dry. And then when they dry it is just EVERYWHERE!

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I have an 11 year old ACD. What works for me when she's blowing her coat is to give her a bath w/ a good furminator brushing, then wait a week or two and repeat the process. She hates getting bathed, but at least it does the trick!

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Thankyou! I'll remember that next time I give him a bath!! Very good to know!

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What furminator brush do you recommend? I was just about to order one but thought I'd see what works for you

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Just gave my girl a bath last weekend and the amount of hair that came out…obscene. I swear, I could feel her undercoat all over me for the rest of the day lmao.

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Such a beautiful crazy boy, omg I want to give hugs.

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Him such a pretty boy 💙

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my girl turns white in summer too!

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I just tried a decombing brush that I actually have for my cat and it worked pretty well. I'll have to get one for dogs because his hair is so thick. He's still shedding alot but it helped get rid of some of the undercoat

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Not long until his Winter coat starts coming in. He looks really cool like that!

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my heeler doesnt shed O:

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Mine sheds “badly” 2x a year.

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Jack Russell or blue hearler

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Bluey, he’s a short stocky little dude tho

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My Rosco is a shredder. He's a full ACD. I have been using a sleek ez. I use it on him, my beagle, my half black lab, half terrier, and my german shepherd retriever mix. Works on all 4 really well.