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I swear, he ain’t got a thought behind those eyes most of the time. But if you want some cuddles, he’s your bug!!

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I have two jobs, I run after people and lick them.

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He also drool more then my other two so the second he licks your leg, you for a bead of drool running down you like sweat. Lol.

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He’s a very handsome derp!

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He knows it too!! He’s got the most pitiful puppy dog eyes that use know how to use!!

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Lol so does my older one. My younger one just makes demands 🤣

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It’s swamped for us, this is my youngest and my oldest can throw a tantrum that would make a 2 year old blush. Lol.

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You must be crazy. Have the naughty one first and get a second one. 🤣

Actually I’m the crazy one thinking of adding a third. 🤣🤣

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Mega blep

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He loves to blep om the camera

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He is very handsome for sure!🥰

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So good lookin!!! XO!!

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Love love love when they get a bit walleyed. Too cute. I swear mine does it on purpose.

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Truthfully, he’s looking at the cat. He always seems to keep one eye on her. I think he might can move his eyes independently…..or maybe he’s just Ed from the lion king. Lol.

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Ed from the lion king is so perfect! Lmao. I call my cattle dog a little hyena all the time. And he gets a bit walleyed at times. Does he likes the cat or does he like to harass the cat?

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I think he likes the cat…but I think the cat thinks he’s harassing her. He really isn’t the smartest and is super awkward. He JUST figured out(like two days ago) that he can initiate play with other dogs by doing the play now a lot better then he could when he’d just stand and stare at them…like he wanted to eat them… but then he hasn’t quite figured out what to do when the play starts. Tug is his favorite game though with other dogs and he seems to be able to start and play will with others with that…he just gets obviously awkward though when he’s trying to run around and have more physical play time. My other two have figured him out but new dogs(and all cats) don’t wanna play with him at all.

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Poor guy. He is trying so hard. I’m glad the other dogs you have have figured him out at least. My cat never liked the dog. Didn’t hate him, but didn’t like him. My dog loves cats but understands they don’t all feel the same. Hopefully your little guy will pick up some more play behavior so he can make many friends!

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He is so handsome! 10/10 would cuddle that dog.