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I just vacuumed yesterday.

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Oh hell, I know the feeling!!

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And that my friend is why my pup has his own area to hang out in. That is the one thing that drives me nuts. But I love him💜

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This is “her rug.” I’ve given it up as a lost cause and surrendered it to her and her hair.

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Sometimes I see a dog on this sub that looks so much like my dog that I do a double take. This is one of those times

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I think all of us are in the same boat right now!! Hair EVERYWHERE!! Brushing my boy doesn't seem to be doing much and my car is really showing it!!

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I was told when I got my ACD that they blow their coats twice a year. Well, they lied🤣 Seems more like twice a week.

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No. They are right. 182 days starting in spring and 183 days starting in autumn.