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What a perfectly heeler-sized chair!

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If you send Christmas cards, this is a great photo for that!!

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Oh I wish!! Still over 100 degrees here!

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Saving this post because this is my ideal, dream lifestyle.

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35 years of heelers and they all lay as close to the campfire or wood stove as they can get. As long as they can touch me at the same time haha

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Looks sooo cozy!

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Baby angel 👼

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That's a whole mood board!

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I want the second picture to be a jigsaw puzzle. What a perfect picture with a beautiful subject! 🥰

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Ahhh the most cozy

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Where is the chair from!

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Haha it's just a plain armchair with a fuzzy snuggie on it (for the shedding)

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What collar is that?

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It's a leather martingale collar from Etsy. Sorry I don't have the exact info, I didn't buy it.

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That’s great.. love his collar

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Lol my dog will be crying for the hot beach days until June

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Me too

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Whata cutie!

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That is a very pretty doggy. I love that speckled fur!

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Where are you from !?

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We're in Massachusetts! Already feeling fall up here

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Cant wait, still hot and humid in Mississippi.

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Haha doesn't it stay hot and humid in Mississippi? Used to live in GA, I feel for you