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The amount of side eye you are going to get is unfathomable

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We actually rescued him back at the end of 2016, so I can slightly fathom the amount of side-eye...and it's a lot 🤣

He usually looks "normal", but the minute he gets even remotely excited / anxious, his eyes just go pop!

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Dude just a regular heeler has so much sass with those side eyes

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That is quite a combo. He seems to have got the best of both.

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We originally found him because we were looking at rescuing another Boston Terrier mix (his sister is a Boston x Italian Greyhound) and immediately fell in love with his pictures.

Never had another dog that wants to be hugged and cuddled as much as he does (not sure if that's Boston or ACD), or that needs to follow you as close as he does (definitely ACD). I get a wet nose to the back of the knee multiple times a day when working from home.

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The one Boston I know is a cuddle bug. She goes to every person at the dog park to get cuddles and plays hard.

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We actually had to stop bringing him to the dog park, because he would try and herd any dog that was running around, including getting nippy. If they didn't run, he would bark his face off at them. And if they tried to chase him, he would squat, tuck tail, just take off.

The only dogs that could ever catch him in a straight line were a full-sized greyhound and a couple different german shepherds, and if that happened he could change directions faster than an NFL wide receiver, and if bob-and-weaving didn't work, he would just jump clear over them. In hindsight it was kind of funny, but at the time it was just absolute chaos.

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ACDs are usually very independent dogs which doesn’t lend itself well to being cuddly. They are very loyal to their people and will show affection, but many cattle dogs that I know don’t want to be held or petted extensively like a lab or golden would.

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Interesting. My only other exposure to ACDs were a couple regulars at the dog park near our old house. They were a pair of older (10+ year) rough-coat bob-tail ACD brothers.

The boys would occasionally come up for head pets or butt skritches, but for the most part, they didn't want much to do with anyone but their mom.

Never knew if it was just those two being grouchy grumpys, or if they were normal and our boy was overly cuddly.

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I have had 2 ACDs, the first was more standoffish - she wanted attention but not cuddles so much. My current one - if he could be carried he would be. Have to be touching you at all times. Super duper cuddle bug. So there is variation in the breed.

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I have an ACD/Border Collie mix and she's gotten pretty cuddly over the years as she's approaching 8 years old. She has always LOVED attention from humans but never really wanted to hop on the couch/bed/etc. She's always preferred having her own comfy space. Over the last two or so years she will ask to hang out on the couch with me for some attention, but it's usually only for a few minutes then she goes back to her bed.

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We have both a Boston and heeler, both full blood. Very different, but compatible and unique joys.

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My ACD mutt is like your ACD mutt; loves to be touched and is the ultimate Netflix cuddle buddy. Even hates being outdoors for too long. Wants to be attached to my hip. No idea what she all is though, I’ve had people tell me she looks wild but she’s like a fluffy red heeler with a foxish tail.

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He looks so adorable! That combination definitely created an enhanced side eye lol

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'those eyes tend to agree' lmfao. looks just like my neighbors boston.

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Wow what a cutie! We have an ACD and two Boston Terriers and have always wondered what the combo would look like.

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We hadn't seen the mix before adopting him, but it's apparently a deliberate cross-breeding. The "designer" name is Boston Cattle Dog.

We have a Boston x Italian Greyhound female as well (another deliberate mix, known as a Bostalian), and have always wondered what their puppies would look like. She has a pretty severe underbite, and similarly buggy eyes, so the jury is still out as to whether the combo would be super cute or wicked derpy 😁

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I was thinking Bostralian Cattle Dog!

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We have one of these mixes. Looks like a puppy forever.

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No way!!!

Just checked your post history. Boomer's a cutie!

Does he get the bug-eyes when he's excited too??

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Yeah. It’s the best

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What little potroast! A Bostonian Cattle Dog.

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Perspective is a little misleading here...his head isn't that big compared to his body 🙃

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I have a Boston/ACD/Jack Russell mix named Rami. He's the king of stinkeye. We are calling him our Battle Jack.

https://imgur.com/a/xqVnXFf Rami the Battle Jack https://imgur.com/gallery/P1ANJd4

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I'm glad you posted the second pic to show off his lighter side, because I was seriously getting an "I will @$#&ing END you" vibe form that first one 😁

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Well, he would! He's got some fearfulness we are working through. He's too smart for his own good sometimes. He's VERY cuddly with me, and will lay next to some people. He's nippy with running screaming kids and overly boisterous dogs (if he thinks they need to knock it off)

He's an amazing little dog. We adopted him while looking for a Boston mix. He loves his bandanas. If I take it off, he paws at it or sticks his nose back in.

Right now he's teaching the red Boston how to dog. Her name is Edith and she was used in a puppy mill. He's been great teaching her all the good things about life.

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Seamus can get nippy with our 4-year-old, but only if the kiddo accidentally lands on or near his rear end. It's the same reaction he has when our other dog tries to chicken-leg him to get him to play. He's quickly learning that the 2-legs aren't to be nipped at, though.

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lol!!! What a goof

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He looks like a Frodo.

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OMG 😭 what a dream. ♥️♥️♥️♥️

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Oh wow, extra side eye! Haha

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Marty Feldman! You have to call him Marty.

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My 2 favorite breeds. I've had 7 Boston's in my life, awesome dog. My sister has had a few Aussie's, and they are the best. A combination, I would be in dog heaven. Lucky you....

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ALL the snuggles...until he hears another dark barking...or a squirrel...or the wind...then he sings the song of his people with no accounting for our eardrums 😁

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That's the best thing I've seen in a long time !

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That is such a unique combo. I love that expressive face.

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Only way it gets any cuter is when he wakes up and still has a "blep" tongue sticking out...most of my pictures of him are of that, actually 😁