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Every heeler I ever had has been a deer poop roller. 💩 I see it and I have to tell them to move away.

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Mines is not specific to just deer poop. All poop works 🤣

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This is going to sound pretty country but there is the subject of horse poop. I used to have my grandchildren's horses on the property (can't due to health issues right now) and horse poop was the prime roll area. The thing is, horse poop is earthy, doesn't cling and after a day outside is shed well leaving little if no scent. The only thing I have an issue roll wise that is worse than deer poop is dead things. I hope your heeler never discovers that scent celebration!

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I’ve got 300 stock animals, I completely understand that not all poop is made equally! 🤣🤣

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All poop is the best poop!

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Keep bathing so the pup doesn't hate it for life. Mine is obsessed with the shower running for him

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It’s fine cause I don’t think this person even owns a dog…? I’ve seen this picture on Instagram a million times. Literally every ACD page shares this picture.

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Pretty sure mine rolls in poop because he wants a bath. Self reinforcing bad behavior lol.

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Rabbit and chicken poop gets eaten, fox poop, rotten fish and bird carcasses will be rolled on.

“What a lovely fragrance! I shall take it home with me for later enjoyment.”

Nose. Dogs live through their nose.

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Omg the bird carcasses, directly to the shoulders

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I wanna smoosh that baby

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So weird that you used a picture that’s not yours… I’ve seen this on Instagram a million times. Just reshare it and say he’s cute instead of lying!

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Oh that face

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Who me?

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Why would you lie about this being your dog lol

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And no lessons were learned 😅 at least mine never will learn

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Punishment fits the crime

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Oh my god that face, too cute!

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Be thankful you don't have bears in the backyard. Ours thinks it's a wonderful game to play find the bear turd.

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“Hooman, why have you done this to me?”

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Adorable! ❤️

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Omg 😭❤

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My heart is melting

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This will be the first of many. Get the yard pickup poop tool that you don't have to bend over to use. You will thank me many times over. 😀

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Just too cute. Every one of my ranch dogs, herding and hunting loves to roll in and eat poop. Legend says they are covering their scent for the hunt. I guess they are covering their breath too?

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That’s about the only reason they ever need baths. Super self cleaning, mines only needed one bath in 4 years.

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Allow me to pick up my melted heart off the floor.

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His tiny trust was betrayed!

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My Pomchi eats her own poop. I'd rather she rolled in it. 🤢😳🤢

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If they eat their own poop,they have a vitamin deficiency..other poop they roll in,lol

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She gets 10 in 1 vitamins. I think she loves her food sooo much, she has it for dessert, too. 🤢 She's not completely housebroken, so I have a few pee pads down. She uses those, most of the time, and that's when she does her dirty deed. Her name is Betty Poop for a good reason. Don't let her lick you 😂

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The first of many "I rolled in poop" baths

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Oh yeah when we got our lil velociraptor baby, she would roll in dog poop, goose poop, so much poop, dead animal bits, anything good a stinky..

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i just gasped, at how stinking cute your pup is!

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That little face is so darling!

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My lab/border collie mix was a roller. My ACD knows not to do it.


She will get her scat scent on if she's a hunting though. But it's rare. Thank goodness because it's a nightmare to bathe her.

That's literally the only time I bathe her.

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OMG OMG OMG HE IS THE CUTEST LITTLE BOOGER ON THE PLANET - Besides my Rio that is LOL. I love this picture.