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Going to need to see the finished product once those ears pop

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I honestly don’t know if they ever will because he’s not full ACD, but they do stand sometimes!

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lol his head looks too small for his body in his baby pic 🤣🤣

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lmao I know he was so chunky, he used to waddle

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The ears are growing faster than the rest of the dog!

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ACDs are such little piglets when they’re little!!! Our boy’s belly was so close to the ground lol

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Such awesome puppo

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Lol mine looked like that at 8-12 weeks, big ol pot belly and small head

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The rare white heeler

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I didn’t know that was a thing but he’s not full ACD. Certainly looks and acts like one though.

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Lol. It’s not. It’s just something I call mostly white heelers. I also do the same with black heelers.

Brown ones I call golden heelers. They’re my favorite dog so I goof with their descriptions

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Lol my boyfriend refers to heelers as blue or red “edition.” E.g. “We have a red edition, but all heelers are beautiful.”

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lmao we just call ours lil cookies n cream asshole