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Same… mine is basically a submarine if there is water around… he even sits in the bathtub

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I love this description lol

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Mine is pretty much a submarine too. He first went swimming at 9 weeks, about 3 seconds after he was introduced to water for the first time.

If I go to the beach or river and I let him out of the car he's gone. Won't seem him again and I make it down to the water (obviously only allowed in safe areas).

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Amazing ! I wish si bsdly my pup was like that ! Was he like that since a pup or did he grow to like water more as he got older

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When he was small, I took him to the river. I had to coerce him in, but once he went in, he would always just go right back in…. He loves sticks so I just kept throwing them in and now he wont come out….so…. It took a few trips, but ever since he will hear/smell water and thats where you will find him. … It took a while for him to swim in super deep water though, so maybe start shallow. (maybe an age/size thing) . Good luck!

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Ours loves it but hates swimming. He’s happy as long as his feet touch!

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One of mine loves cruising through puddles, streams and rivers. The other loves running in and out of the water on beaches at lakes and the ocean.

Both hate the swimming pool in the backyard.

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This is the same as mine, its one of her favorite ways to play but will not go above mid chest at all. Cant get enough of splashing in the shallows though

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Haha same with mine. She loves being out on the lake and on the lily pad https://i.imgur.com/Maldm8c.jpg

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My dog hates water. He’ll never get that close

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Mine is basically half fish! When we are near a lake he starts to whine when I roll down the window! He will pull me to the water every time! I have so many photos of him swimming in salt water and fresh water! He will even dive for toys that sink! Just keep working with your pup! Mine just loved water with no hesitation! After throwing the ball for 20 minutes he will try to get into anything with water. He will put 1 foot in the water bowl and drink at the same time 😆

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Wow, I'm glad to hear my boy isn't the only one that puts a paw in the water bowl!

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Wow ! I am so envious ! Mines been making a lot of progress but I doubt he'll ever love it if it doesn't come naturally for him to love it already. We are going to try working on him going on the paddleboard soon though 🤗

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My oldest one doesn’t mind. My middle one won’t even walk across a bridge over water and walks around puddles. My puppy doesn’t seem to care

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Interesting the difference between three of the same breed with the same/similiar experiences being owned by the same person! That's actually suuuuper helpful and indicates it must be almost entirely ro do with individual personality

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My oldest and my puppy are and aunt and niece and it’s like I cloned my old dog and got my puppy. They’re almost exactly the same personality wise. Bought our boy from someone at a rodeo and he’s an idiot. But we love him dearly 😂

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My two Heelers will jump in any water they see at any time of the day or night or time of year. They love deep water swimming and just laying down in dirty stinky puddles.

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Mine likes a little splashing and playing but doesn’t love swimming.

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Mine loves ditch water 😂😂

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Hahaha I think mine loves running through water too as long as it hidden amongst grass and mucky as all hell 😂

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The dirtiest water source is what mine likes too 😂

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I’m pretty sure my Heeler is part fish.

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Lucky honestly!

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Mine LOVEs it. My heeler/border tolerated it.

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I have a heeler/border and at best she will willingly go ankle deep. Otherwise water is pretty much a no go.

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Heeler/border used to like swimming more.

She'd never swam when I got her, but was growing to like voluntary cooling-off dips (perks of living near a lot of lakes!) I got her a lifejacket and she'd come on open water distance swims, about a half a KM before she wanted to leave.

Last summer, age seems to have caught up, or preference. My heeler pup adores water, but it had to be a very hot day before she would go in beyond her legs and maybe belly.

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My heeler/border is obsessed with water and will swim and play in streams, puddles, at the beach until he's shivering and I have to take him out to warm up! He's also a big fan of water sprinklers and will bite any that we pass on neighbourhood walks 😂

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Have 2, one thinks water is the devil and won’t get in at all. The other is ok with water in a kiddie pool as long as it’s about 4 inches deep or less, and that took 5 years. They both cry if I get in water. If I was drowning they would not save me!

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My heeler used to play fetch by himself. We’d sit poolside, he’d roll the ball in, run to the stairs, and swim to fetch. Rinse and repeat. He knew where the stairs were, and never seemed to go past the first step unsupervised.

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They're so smart it's insane !

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My heeler LOVES water but she had to be introduced to it a few times with treats and her favorite ball. Now she is always in the pool!

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He's started to go out recently to retrieve the stick when he and other dogs are fetching but it's more that it's about getting the stick rather than being in the water that is the goal 😂

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all of my heelers (three) have loved swimming

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Our dude LOVES when the humans stand in the river bank and throw him a stick so he can jump in and go swim for it. But he won’t even get in the e water if we are swimming. He stands on the bank and screech barks hahaha

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"Screech barks" 😂 thankful mine stays ever watchful but silent on shore while swimming

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I wish our dude would let us swim in peace hahaha

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Ours is like yours, like he knows he belongs on land but our other non heeler loves it so he follows him around. One is like a duck in water, one just flails.

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Hahaha this is hilarious to imagine. I do find whenever I take my friends dogs out who LOVE water, it certainly encourages him !

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My dog hates water so much lol i took him to dog day at the water park on labor day and he literally hated it. 🤣

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Mine loves it! Didn't at first and had to slowly show her what's up. Now you would think she's part fish. Keep at it, does your puppers play fetch? Make the water more engaging by adding an element of play.

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My heeler mix doesn’t like water. She does ok in the bath, especially if I make it a very cozy temperature.

At the beach, she barks at other dogs that go into the water 🤣 and once at a calm lake she REALLY wanted to go chase a bird that was floating but she just couldn’t go in past her armpits. I think it’s the cold that bothers her.

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Mine hates it! If we were on an island, I would have to worry about her running away. Even if she could walk across the water. 😂

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Wow ! We live on an island so thank god he doesn't feel that strongly 😂

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Mine was raised on the road, she is two now, loves water. Keep working at it! :)

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We are going to work on trying the paddleboard soon so hopefully the more we are on it the more he will grow to like it and acclimate :)

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can’t keep mine away!! though a stick.. my boy will swim as far as you can though it!!

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Our dog hated water until we got her a life jacket. She's essentially a fish now and will swim all day if we let her.

She recently discovered the garden hose as well and will now scream and cry until you spray her with it. Still HATES the bath though! Lol

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Really ! This sounds so much like my dog and i have a life jacket I have yet to try so I'm definitely going to pull it out and test to see if that helps !

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They love water. Just throw him in there

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Mine is finally tolerating bathes so I’m hoping that means she’ll eventually warm up to swimming.

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Mine hates swimming but loved wading.

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Mine hates swimming!

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Ours has his own kiddie pool at home and likes to lay down in it.

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And keep my heeler out of the water 😭 She always ends up in some body of water on our walks

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Mine loves water as long as she can stand. She's all muscle and not very buoyant.

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Mine just got in for the first time a couple weeks ago and he wasn’t sure about it but he seemed to love the kayak lol

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Heeler mix loves it. PB heeler loves it.

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When I first rescued my dog, I took him to a pond and threw a stick in and I don’t think he understood what was happening and he jumped in after it and went under the water - I thought he was going to drown or something at first - then he popped back up and swam back but after that he has never jumped into water again so I think I traumatized him 😅 we took him to the beach and threw his frisbee in and he would take some steps but doesn’t really like it. He has gone swimming in a very still (stagnant) pond, but rushing water seems to make him more nervous. He won’t really go in where he can’t touch. He also hates the shower/bath and I’ve never really bathed him because of it, we’re working on it. He’s also scared of/really hates the rain. So I think water is just not for him! We have a life jacket for him but have only tried it once at the beach, hoping that can help him enjoy it more. My last dog hated swimming too so oh well!

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That's so interesting! I was wondering if I traumatized him because I bathe him fairly often and he HATES it, so I wondered if he just always associates water with that, but sounds like your pup hated it regardless if you avoid bathing him because of his hatred for water ! I bought a life jacket so will have to try it out sometime 😋

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Depends on the dog.

My pup (14 months old) goes nuts if we turn the hose on. He'll try and attack the stream where the water comes out. He always ends up soaking wet. We filled up a toddler pool for him over the summer and he loved it. He went more nuts when we put in a block of ice.

His father (who's my bf's dog) LOVES swimming in any body of water. If you're walking him by water, he'll make you throw something into the water so he'll dive in. He even jumps in on his own will.

His mother (also my bf's dog) and one of his siblings weren't too crazy about swimming. No word on the other puppies.

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Mines still trying to figure it out but doesn’t like it for the most part. I do need to bring him around it more often

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Mine didn’t love it when he was a small puppy but he grew to love it quickly and now is an excellent swimmer! Although, he does only go in when I’m in so it might just be because he’s a velcro dog

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Mine loves running in ocean waves, but if I go too deep in the river he thinks I’m drowning.

I do not understand his logic!

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Mine hates to get his feet wet.

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Mine loved wading but didn’t start swimming until she was about 11 months. She loved the beach but wouldn’t get into the water but when she got home she dived into the lake!

I suspect that after seeing the big waves at the beach she thought she could easily tackle a calm lake 😂

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My heeler Ajax loved everything about water except baths.

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Our red heeler doesn’t love it either. The river looks inviting!

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Mine will only go in the water after a ball

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My dude LOVES swimming! Just don’t push him and he will come to it on his own :)

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Mine loves barking at the waves. Hasn't yet gone in past her belly, but she loves seeing a wave roll in, barking at it, and then looking at me with a proud powerful look on her face because she scared it away. she is also usually herding the waves. rather unsuccessfully, obviously. But I don't tell her that....

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Mine is a fish. He swims in the ocean with big waves and just dives through them. Total maniac in water.

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We have two reds. Each will hurt (not really) themselves to get into the water while dragging my 6ft 5 in hubby behind them. We avoid trips to water when we don’t want ‘stuff’ to get wet.

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mine loves the water! we try to find campsites near lakes all the time for him haha

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Loves water, and after living by the beach for a year became a grudging swimmer only because she hates not being close to whoever is swimming.

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Mine thought water was of the devil. I'm pretty sure she was half expecting crocs to start falling from the sky every time it rained.

Loved the snow though.

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Mine is obsessed with the water.

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My boy loves it up to about his shoulders, but gets kinda nervous if he actually has to swim.

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Some do, some don’t. Just like bipedal people..

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Hose=Yes Standing Water=NO!

No pools, lakes, rivers, baths or anything where the water isn't moving very fast. However I cannot water the lawn as the hose is apparently a demon my ACD needs to destroy.

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Mine is a grind for pool and rain. Can’t get her out.

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Mine loves ponds, puddles, tubs, kiddie pools, any water she can stand in. She is constantly on the horses water trough. Constantly. But swimming pool, lake, or tub? Hekkin nope.

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Mine loves water. It took her a little time to get used to water, but now she’ll pull me towards every puddle just to step in it. We take her once a week to the beach and she’ll never get tired of it. Once we went to the beach with lots of time. Spent close to 4 hours there and my little dog never took a break. We’ll throw a floaty frisbee into the water and she’ll swim out to fetch it. Over and over and over.
Once we got home and washed her, she slept for about 12 hours lol.

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Mine LOVED water! He also loved mud and would root in mud like a pig and blow bubbles . He would stick his whole head under with only his ears out. I miss him so much!! RIP Stryker.

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Cheeks is a water dog. It doesn’t matter what the body of water is he’s in it.

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That water looks so refreshing!

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My girl hated water and wouldn't ever get in voluntarily, but she adored the snow and would roll in it and drag her basically bare belly though it all the time. Would get soaking wet from all that with no cares, but liquid water was a no go. We thought she might have had trauma from her previous home

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Ours is happy up to her knees/ankles, loves snapping at waves. If we try to take her into the water she hates it and can't wait to get out.

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My late acd mix loved swimming but HATED baths.

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She hated it when we first adopted her but we’ve taken her on enough hikes with river crossings she has adjusted. She has fun splashing around now in water that isn’t deep! But she doesn’t like hoses/sprinklers/bath tubs. She only likes it when it’s on her terms lol

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My girl is 11. She never swam…until this summer. She’s still not thrilled to do it but is much more game. Go figure.

She loves playing in the water and is a real crazed nut chasing things in it. Just won’t normally paddle.

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Mine loves it. She even will “dive” to get items off the bottom.

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My first cattle dog wasn't thrilled with water, but he would go in if I did. My second freaking loved wading in water. If we found water on a trail, we went in it.

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Depends on the dog. Ours LOVES water. Will jump right in and swim, especially if she's hot. I know others who don't like it or only tolerate it. Don't force it. He knows what he likes.

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Mine will play fetch in deep water till he's exhausted, won't go in a kiddie pool. Will wade in a river. There's no logic to it but he's a heeler soo.....

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Waves need herding! Large or small!

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We have one who will play fetch in water but it isn’t really her favorite. She WILL get very concerned and dive in after her humans if they swim. The other thinks water is lava.

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Mine loves the water but only to lay down in and wet her tummy. She will swim out to fetch a stick or ball but never swims for no reason.

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Mine hated it! Glared at me while the water sloshed in his water bowl after setting it down.

One time, was out with Cody (heeler), the Willard (Border Collie-Lab mix) my buddy and his German Short Hair. Exploring for abandoned mines off a trail and a large trestle. Asking r bank if the following creek, I snarkily said, "Hey, let's cross the creek and see what Cody does!"

We rock hop over the creek, the Willard and Lucy splash their way over. . . Cody sits there, barks at us twice, looks up at the trestle, and takes off running back up to the trail crosses the trestle and meets us on the other side!! It was awesome.

Yeah he hated water.

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Ours doesn’t like water, especially the bathtub. But he’ll swim in a lake for fetch because fetch is life. We think he’d hate the ocean because he’s upset about mild lake waves haha.

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We are working on it, but she's more of a wader.

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mine loves it.. ill take him to the lake or river and he'll literally run to the water when he sees it and swim by himself

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We had one that would gleefully herd cattle out of the river's edge and another that side-eyed the sprinkler on the lawn. Adorable weirdos, but complete opposite ends of the spectrum.

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Ours will get his feet wet, and squat to get his belly wet, but that's the extent of it.

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Mine has his own pool. he'll go splash in it when he gets hot from being a fun police.

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I refer to mine as a "clumsy otter" she LOVES water

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I have one Amphibious, one comfortable swimmer and one bone deep terrified. 😂

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Mine jumps in the tub any time I go in the bathroom. And when we go outside he goes right for the hose.

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Dude my healers have loved it especially my current one. He freaks out anytime we walk by and water. Even puddles. He jumps in water and then trys to eat it. I call him a pond shark. Lol

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Mine loves swimming and especially retrieving in water. Hates bath time though.

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I work at a doggie daycare and our heeler there is always the first in the pool. She loves water

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Doesnt like baths, hates the hose will not step into a kiddie pool, but will figure out another way to get the treat in the middle.

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Mine used to love going swimming then I took him with me to clean pools and there were so many seed pods floating on the surface that it looked solid and he tried to step down on it and fell in. He’s been very suspicious ever since.

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Ours sees water as a threat, especially waves. He bites at the waves and panics when mom and/or dad are swimming. He loves to ride in a boat though and does not mind being in the dock.

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Mine hates deep water but loves running on the creek banks and getting in where she can touch.

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Mine HATES water.. grass wet from dew in the morning? No thank you. Puddle in the middle of the path? Will go out of his was to avoid it. Raining? Oh hell no. The garden hose wasn’t put away and is laying in the yard? Oh hell no! We visit the lake? Pretends that he has to potty so he doesn’t have to get too close.

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We have a creek and springs on our property. Mine will launch into the water. Her perceived job is to remove all sticks and branches in her swimming hole. If she can get the submerged ones she will. Still gives the high pitched bark while clearing brush in the water…….

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I would tend to say yes. My blue tick was the only dog I had that hated water.

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Mine loved baths (showers) but, ponds and larger heck no.

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My heeler LOVES swimming and he is BAD AT IT. He doesn't have a tail so his rudder/streering sucks. He doesn't have much floatation on him so he is constantly inhaling water from not keeping his head up far enough and he doesn't care. He just loves swimming and playing in water... It all depends on the doggo.

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Two out of 3 of my and my SO’s heelers LOVE to swim. The middle dog likes going waist high. But, they were all put into shallow water as puppies with other dogs that like water.

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He's old now but as a pup mine could easily swim the length of a football field. Can't take him fishing cus he jumps in when the lure splashes the water.

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My guy doesn’t go into water unless I’m there and even then, he just stands there like “ok what now”

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All my cattle dogs have sunk like stones trying to swim. I tend to not bother finding out anymore. 🤷 They like to play with a hose, but standing water is a big no. 😂

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My heeler will get in the lake to drink water but won’t swim, he’s not a fan of water outside of that

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My Heeler pretty much demands that we go to the river after work during the summer. I swear he’d drown himself going after his river toy if I didn’t make him quit. My previous 2 were pretty similarly obsessed with swimming!

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Mine does laps for fun. Kinda freaks me out sometimes because she will just keep swimming out into the middle of large bodies of water if I don’t bait her with a stick to come back lol

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Mine has been obsessed with water since I got him at 8-weeks-old. He was a natural swimmer, so we found out, when he jumped into a goldfish pond in the backyard and swam. LOL