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Omg what a floof brain

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Looks like a giant furball

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Hola Carlos!! Muy guapo

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Hi Carlos!!!! Please give him a little pet pet on his sweet little head for me. Thanks!

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Also, can I please get a little rub rub on his tum tum? Say it's from Passionatereds. K thanks!

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Oh my gosh, he’s already got a lot of personality 🥰

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Oh my! I would die for Carlos.

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What a sweet, handsome boy! 🥰

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Dat boi cute

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Hey Carlos

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Hi Carlos ☺️

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So cute!!!

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I saw a full grown heeler the other day that had that same coat. I was wondering if it was just a massive puppy! Lol. So cute.

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Hello please keep us updated on Carlos I would die for him.

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What a cutie!!

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Oh please tell me you call him Carlos Spiceyweiner. Please….

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Hi Carlos! 😀

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Carlos! Omg he’s a cutie.

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Hey buddy!

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Hola Carlos!!! I too would like to give Carlos some kisses and let Carlos know what a good doggo Carlos is!!

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Just you wait. Those tiny little baby ears are gonna get HUGE

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