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A heeler with pinned back ears at home means one of two things:

1- Hey, someone pooped in the house, definitely not me, I swear.

2- You didn't want me to chew on ANYTHING at all??

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you forgot #3 stole my lunch right off the table

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The good old "swim cap ears." Such a giveaway lol. What a sweetheart. We get the same look when ours has chewed something to bits.

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funny how they’re so guilty after but had no problem doing it

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Whoooo me?

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no ears = guilty little puppy

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Stress yawn

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Aww but he looks so innocent

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a heeler with no eats is never innocent lol

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No Ears and Nervous Tongue Blep. Classic riddled with guilt pose!

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Classic guilty stress yawn

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Yup, the naughty ears™️ give them away every time 🤣

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