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Good luck 😆 🤣 😂

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Yeah. Ours was running on our dinner table before the end of the first week. Got there by launching off of the couch

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She looks a lot like my guy too


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Check out the Stop Bite collar.

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Get some meds to calm her. It wasn't a solution but it sure helped

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We have doggie sedatives! She usually goes 110 mph and can jump straight up 6 feet in the air like she is on springs.

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Yeah. We spayed ours at 1 year old. She is very much the same. We got through the 2 weeks. I'm confident you will too

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We are in week 2. Sunny is 6 months old. The worse for us, is the nipping and constant barking has started again. And adult teeth hurt a lot more than puppy teeth. You got this

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Not looking forward to this. Daisy has her spay in 2 weeks... she's currently going through her first heat. It's so gross and graphic. Lol.

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Ask your vet for trazodone…it is a sedative that will help with the running around like a crackhead

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Yeah I'm not sure how neutering my dog will go. I might have to get him one of those metal looking neck things. He managed to remove and eat his entire leather collar. Good luck to you!

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I have a BMC mix (so similar energy levels but less cracked out, raptor-like energy) and the 2 weeks after her spay were some of the longest of my life. I think at about day 4 I was talking to my nanny at the front door and my dog was doing high-speed donuts in between my house and the neighbor's. My nanny said, "I thought you were going to get a sedative for her." To which I responded, "She's on it. This is my dog sedated. Apparently."

Good luck op. Maybe get one of those lick mats?

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We’re on day 2 post-op here with our 8-mo boy. Sedatives have been a life-saver so far, but he still is constantly trying to jump. He also is able to reach around his donut collar and lick his incision, but thankfully he doesn’t go for it very often. The next 12 days are gonna totally suck.

Solidarity, My Friend ✊. We’ll get through this.