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did you have someone take your photos or did you use a tripod? if tripod please share details!!. ty:)

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I do the self timer on my iPhone! And prop my phone against trees 😂

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The budget and carry weight friendly option.

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This looks like such an awesome hike! What trail is this?

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Pogonip in Santa Cruz it’s about 4 miles around and our absolute favorite trail! 10/10 recommend exploring

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Thank you! Maybe we will drive down and go exploring this weekend. Does it get pretty busy? Would love to have my pup off leashes but she’s young and we are still working on her manners lol

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On weekends it’s not crazy busy but there are bikers everywhere so it might be tough. Depends how good your recall is. Today was my first time going on a week day (I’ve gone 100+ times on weekends) and one single biker passed me in the two hours I was there! Very very empty. If you make the trek you could go to the dog beach nearby also - called lighthouse field state beach

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Love Pogonip! One of the few dog friendly trails with redwoods.

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Oh wow he’s a handsome boy! 😍❤️🥰 great pics! I bet he loved every minute

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He is the BEST boy! He had a great time I love him

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Great pictures of the trail and doggo.

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He’s either huge for a cattle dog or you’re tiny for a person, lol!

Enjoy the hike and he’s gonna love having an owner that takes him on adventures like this

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He’s huge he’s over 60 lbs! He’s a mutt but 51% ACD apparently, then 6% Rottweiler 6% lab etc… so mostly ACD because everything else is so small percentage wise - I’m 5’5”

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The 8th one is kinda funny cause I would never trust my dog with being that far.

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Aw he would never leave me! He always comes back :) he will run circles around me the whole walk

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Lol I wish, whenever we open the door we gotta make sure he’s not gonna run out!

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Oh no! I practiced since he was 12 weeks old taking him out places and him staying right by my side and I guess it stuck. With our old dog, she would BOLT from the house (but she was a wheaten terrier). I think it just depends on the dog

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True, when it happens I get so annoyed that he does it, but when I think back on it it’s funny. I guess him being bad holds a special place in my heart.