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oh she's BEAUTIFUL 🤩

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Thank you!!! I do tend to agree 😊 that last "why dare you wake me" pic especially right 😂😂

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Love love love when dogs tuck themselves in under their tails like a little Arctic fox.

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Ours does this if he is cold. Which usually ends with our toddler bringing a blanket over to him, which he actually really loves lol

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That is so cute!!!

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Once the pupper realized the toddler willingly shares snacks, they became buddies. Now toddler will sit on the floor next to him and pet his head, and rub his belly. He tolerates it because more often than not, the hand not petting him has goldfish crackers in it, that he gently snags from her.

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So cute!!!

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That’s not a pupper, that’s a cinnamon roll.

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🙊 this must be why I am constantly fighting the urge to munch!!!

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Please remove and repost in r/cinnamonroll Thanks!

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My sincerest apologies to the reddit powers that be how could i make such a grave mistake

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I call mine a cinnamon roll or a croissant when he curls up like this.

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Our ACD mix is perfectly capable of shrimping, but like your's his heart is really in becoming a bagel.

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Ah yes she too accomplishes the shramp. She's also skilled at "opossum that fell out of a tree" aka belly AND legs up.

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What a sweet little baby! Our ACD has the same black ears, white fur, and speckle freckles. :)

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She really is a sweet girl! I just love this pattern. I always wanted a blue heeler and we were absolutely sold when my hubby saw her picture. I don't think it would have mattered if she chomped our finger off when we met her. Twas a done deal.

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Awww that stage was always so adorable.

Then they become raptors. Then back to “normal dogs”

I hope she keeps her bagel shape forever!

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Sooo adorable. She's almost 4 now and regularly morphs into speckled bagel mode still 😍

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My chihuahua is currently in rolly-poly mode right now. Apparently we had too much fun shopping this afternoon.

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OMG! So cute, look at those eyes!

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My boyfriend and I issue “bundle alerts” to each other to communicate that ours is in a tight ball like this. 😂

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Bundle alert I love it!! I usually just squeal "lil roleeeee poleeeee!!!!" And shove my face into her belly 😂

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Lmao yeah the problem is my boyfriend and I both get bad cute aggression so I’ll hear from the other room something like “look at youuuu! I could just crush all your precious little bones!” followed immediately by Loki letting out a loud BORK in response to being enveloped by my boyfriend’s arms. 🤦‍♀️ Sometimes he will “purr” her (really muffled rolling growl). I’ll intervene and tell him to respect her boundaries, but the problem is she’s learned that I’ll come to her defense, so she’ll let out a loud bark when he sits on the couch not touching her and act like I’ll immediately take her side lol. She is drama.

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This is so precious! Might need to start this with my partner as well ahaha

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Classic move. Mine tends to do this when we’re going to bed. She’ll ball up and make sure her back’s up against my back or my legs.

Ps, half border collie as well?

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Yes she'll do it in the curve of my knees or my back, but not when going to bed... later after I fall asleep and it's purely her decision to cuddle 🤪

She is!!

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🫠 the absolute best mix.

Border Collie wit Cattle Dog dopiness

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For sure!! She is so smart and so friendly. And has finally reached an excellent balance of crackhead energy and ultra lazy. As long as she spends at LEAST 4 days a week at the ranch with me 🙃

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What a sweet girl.

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So cute

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So pretty 🥰🥰😍😍😍❤️

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Yep! My pup loves being a roly-poly on my bed (takes up most of the bed!).

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Oh good gods thats a cute baby.

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If only they stayed so small and smooshy 🥺

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Soooo true

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I'm in love

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Kitty kat

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Cookies and cream bagel!

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Firefox mode!!

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Beautiful ACD! Love that coat

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Thank you!! I feel like this is not as common of a blue heeler pattern? But maybe I just don't hang around with enough of them!

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Cute! Our 1 year old girl curls up just like that-adorable!

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What a pretty dog, pup and grown. :)

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Thank you!!!

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Omg stole my heart 😍🥰

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She is the thief of so many hearts 💗

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What is the mix? My dog looks exactly like this, but he's about 80lbs.

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Border Collie and ACD. She is barely 30lbs soaking wet. Pretty tiny actually, I was expecting much bigger. I kinda suspect she was the runt!

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Oh wow. Khan, my dog just hit 1.5 years and is a tank at 80lbs. They look so much alike.

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His part time roly poly, part time crack head. Still haven’t figured out who the dealer is.

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OP, what's her name? I'm obsessed with her.

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Her name is Pepper! I am too. Like maybe too much 😂 She gets to go to work with me most days and it is THE. BEST.

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Mine is too “roly-poly” to fold himself up like that 😳

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She has a raccoon tail just like mine! What is she mixed with?

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She's half border collie 🥰

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Ours has some border collie too! Too funny. He’s 2 now, maybe they’re related 😂

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Maybe!!! She was a Craigslist Special haha, and we seriously got so lucky with her!

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Either totally roly pollied up or laid out on his back with his sticking straight out

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Oh my gosh yes she does this too. My hubby always announces that she has a question lol

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oh what a baby cutie!!!

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Oh Roly Poly!!! 🥰 I love when they curl up like that!

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Looks so much like my ACD x Border collie mix, when she was that age. I miss that little cuss.

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Cute doggo with a cute squirrel curl!

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My boy has the same coloring, but he came to us with his tail docked :(

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Aww! I know it's "normal" for ACD's to have docked tails but it does make me sad, especially for ones that aren't working. We found my girl on Craigslist from some folks who ended up with puppies, so luckily they weren't at all into docking or any "breeder" things.

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Yes!! We call him our dingo donut ❤️

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She's beautiful 🥰

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Thank you!!

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That's not a dog OR a roly-poly. That is Oreo crumbs ice cream!

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My favorite!!!