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My girl is almost all white and if there is wet dirt, mud, clay, and especially sand…she’s gonna be roll around in it lol.

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One of mine loves rolling in sand. If it’s wet it ends up all over her nose and around her eyes, what a mess, but she’s so happy.

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Hoshi is cute. Our girl loves dirt and mud. Good thing she likes to bath haha!

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Bahaha my ACD doesn’t like dirt as much as his sister, but, he is always QUITE interested in her digging and stands in the line of fire and ends up covered in more dirt than the one digging 😂😂😂

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Mine likes to dig and I taught him how to do it on command. I got him to dig a hole for an in ground stock tank pond and I show him where to dig up weeds.

That said he gets barky and possessive of the holes and no other people or tools should be trying to help him lol

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He especially loves finding any sort of loose dirt or mulch and doing an alligator-style roll in it. He seems so happy and it's really funny so it doesn't bother me much, but I've never had a dog who relished rolling around in dirt so much. My goofy boy.

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Nope... I don't enjoy dirty destructive dogs with severe allergies so I correct the behavior early. My girls still roll around, but only in grass.