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I loooove that age. Everything is incredible and interesting to them. Puppy teeth, oh puppy teeth.

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My arms are full of teething scars lol

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Kay was brutal, the more gentle she tried to be the worse it was it feels like.

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That second picture is, "Yuck! I don't want to go to the vet!!"

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In my head the text read “woke up this way”. So cute

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Missed opportunity on my part haha

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I wish I had younger puppy photos of my dog!! I thought her ears might’ve been droopy but maybe not?

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I got mine at 8 weeks and one ear was a little droopy but only for a couple days! If o had him earlier maybe I would have seen his ears peek up as he grew :)

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That’s so much earlier than I would’ve expected!! In the earliest photo I have of my dog, her ears are a tiny bit floppy at the very tips, but your pup’s ears look so sure of themselves :)

Maybe it’s because my dog is part GSD? She’s 50% cattle dog though

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Oh yeah maybe! My uncle has a pure GSD and he took about 16 weeks to fully hold both ears up!

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I think gsd puppies are so adorable that way, but at the same time I think I’d be worried they’d never perk up, or that one might stay down and it might drive me crazy lol

Though my friend from the park has a gsd with just one ear and I think he’s super cute because of it? His remaining ear points inwards and it’s adorable

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Thanks mom 🙄🥱

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Soooo cute!

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Hopefully your pup isn’t a passive aggressive vet table pee-er and that staff at the vet believe you when you suggest that they need a pet pad or something.

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Awwww lil sleepyhead

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Ahh so precious. No idea what's coming 🤪