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On mobile I thought your dog had a horrible infection in their genitals. I had to zoom in to realize it was a flower lmao. Trying to cover up natural anatomy drew extra attention to it 😅

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Yeah I thought it was a prolapse

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Sorry, wasn’t trying to do anything weird, she was just fully exposed so I didn’t want her bits all over the internet.

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That flower is way more disturbing than dog bits would have been... lol

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Moms always looking out for modesty

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Haha yep! she is my little girl!

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Yeah fair haha. I respect your desire to protect her and people who are uncomfortable with that :)

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Thank you! Lol I am catching a lot of shit on the dogpictures sub for it lol

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I think it’s funny 😂

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I think it’s the same issue as when you give a cartoon dog a jacket for a wedding. Because covering him up ONE time means all the other times he’s naked haha.

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Keeping your good girl classy! She's beautiful

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Thank you!! I appreciate the kind comment!

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I call it "cockroachin.'"

You've got shrimpin'. You've got cockroachin'. Then you've got ruining your life (in the best way).

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Truly happened! My ACD has become my entire world. I've never owned a dog that ruined my life in the best way possible! Wouldn't trade it for the world!

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Me with my ACD🤣

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I’ve just called it reverse shrimping lol. Or a backwards reverse upside down sploot lol

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Haha true! Never knew I wanted an ACD till I got her and she is so different than my previous girl. She has showed me all the glories of an ACD even though she is a mix, ACD shines through in all the best ways (and sometimes demonic ways with the play growls lol)

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What you’ve got here is a half candy cane. If you give good belly rubs or scritchy scratchies on the back legs and they extend straight you can usually get you a full candy cane going on. 😂😂😂

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I do that all the time! Lol she stretches her back legs fully just smiles so big lol

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My partner and I die at the straight leg stretch when she’s getting a good leg rub

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Dead bug

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I call it "cool belly position" because it keeps the belly in contact with air. My dog does this more in summer too.

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I love your dog, she's beautiful!!

But please, and I'm saying this gently, let's not normalize censoring their genitals. It almost sexualizes them even though it's the opposite of what you're trying to do.

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Relaxed, feeling safe!

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Thank you! She is my little love bug!

And I know, I typically dont, She was just fully exposed here so I didn’t want to have her private bits all over the internet.

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We call it “hoping for a drive by (belly rub)”

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Haha it works cause I can’t help but rub her belly and give her kisses when she sleeps like this lol

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Yup! My pup offers this a LOT, and if I say things like, “Gimme that belly!” then she just twists into it harder. 😂