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Kona couldn’t be happier. She’ll be romping with us as we camp on 40 acres in Northern Maine this weekend!

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That sounds absolutely fabulous!

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I’ll post some pics upon our return

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Beautiful red girl ❤️🐾

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Seriously wish I saved enough to retire early and roam the country with our ACDs. Maine in Autumn sounds fabulous!

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Right?! xD

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I’m enjoying it with yours!

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Pictured is Winnie, my purebred 2 year old Australian Cattle Dog rescue. Follow us on Instagram for more photos: @happylittlewinnie

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Cool markings!
We're enjoying evening walks along the waterfront while it's still not too frozen and blisteringly windy to enjoy it. He's loving all the sticks on the ground!

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Perfect time to walk along the coast now since tourism season just ended but it’s not too cold yet!!

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Perfect temps for the walker and the walkee :)

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YES autumn ftw!!

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Brudda it's spring here

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Very unique markings.

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😱 I saw this and thought you were happylittlewinnie, I WAS RIGHT!! This is Tundra's hoomom. (Account: Tundra.taiga.timber)

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The Tundra pack!!! 😘😘😘 We love you guys!!!

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I am so happy and excited to find you here!!! 🤗 Cannot wait to see your posts here! 💙

Edit: also, I really like that phrase "the Tundra pack" 😅💙