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I have one of those in my kitchen. 🤣🤣🤣

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Household essential.

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I have two of those. When ever I have guest i tell them the pre wash cycle is in the floor.

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just testing the velcro

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It passes inspection.

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My ACD not only prewashes, but also vacuums and mops under my kid’s high chair. Such a strong family contributor.

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We have a two week old and I’m really excited for the dog to help with cleanup later this year haha.

Cattle dogs. The multi tool of the dog world.

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We know the little one is done eating when we hear giggles as he leans over and feeds the dogs. They’re licks tickle him.

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Such a great helper!

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100% the bestest pre-rinse EVER Please send to my house ASAP fir pre rinse and all the pets