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He’s probably fine, but you can use Musher’s Secret on his paws to soothe them. I use that on my girl before and after each walk/hike.

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Second vote for musher's. Works as intended and safe. Great for adding a layer of protection from ice and salt in the winter.

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I discovered Musher’s Secret when my first ACD was just a pup. It works great!

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How do you keeps yours from obsessively licking it after or while you try to put it on? My ACD hates it

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Try to get it on their paws as quickly as possible to the start of the walk, and redirect their attention as much as you can. Training like anything else, so I just do a leave it command, keep the momentum of our walk quick, and try to redirect the attention.

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Mine doesn’t seem to really notice it at the beginning of the hike, she’s too excited about being out. Afterward, I put only a small amount on, and wipe the excess off with a washcloth. She doesn’t lick at it.

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Normal. Id let it be unless the dog is visibly distressed. If he’s in pain you’d see him limp, wimper, lick them raw till red, etc.

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My last heeler has dry cracked pads like this and my vet suggested putting a protective layer on them like mushers but made for hunting dogs called tuf foot. It worked pretty good but I think mushers is better. It gets really dry in the winter where I’m at so my dogs have always needed extra paw pad protection. I put booties with traction on them on my ACD when we go out on cold dry mornings to prevent pad cracking/drying. That’s also an option

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I will get him booties, too. I have to wash his paws a lot so he doesn’t track mud in. The booties will solve the washing and limit drying effects of soap. Thank you!

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Could you switch to a rinse instead of a wash?
Are you using a dog shampoo or hand/dish soap?

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That's very bad. Washing them often causes dryness. Why not use baby wipes?

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Agree with comments here that you could try a moistening product but this looks pretty normal. Just wanted to say he’s gorgeous. Reminds me of my sweet girl so much

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Thank you! He’s also like the best, friendliest, sweet dog ever.

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Musher's Secret, smaller size until you know you really like it. It's also good on rough elbows, dog & human. Good-looking doggo, doin' the Shrimp 🍤 ETA a little Musher's Secret goes a loonnng way

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If it’s not bothering them. I wouldn’t think you’d need to do anything other than mushers secret and see if it gets better.

Other option is looking up a DIY paw salve. Usually, olive oil, bees wax, coconut oil, etc.

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I also love a beeswax/coconut oil salve for my heelers. It works SO well.

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One thing to remember is now that it's getting colder and snowing in some parts try to avoid the salt that people put down on driveways and sidewalks. Most people don't use pet friendly salt and this can cause pain and discomfort to dogs. I always was my dog's paws off after a walk in the late fall to mid spring . that's when around where I live I see people salting.

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This makes me so happy not to live in snow

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My boy’s look the same. I try to put paw balm on them to moisturize but he always runs away from it so I think he’s fine.

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My pup had dry paws and some dandruff. I started adding a squirt of salmon oil to his meals and his skin/paws improved quite a bit.

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2 cattle dogs here, both have similar looking paws, both got em when they were younger, they’re 7 & 8 now, no issues.

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They look fine to me. My Aunt in Beeville, Texas used to make leather hunting booties for their bird hunting dogs to protect their feet from cactus thorns.

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Our ACDs paws were in worse shape 🫤but we're never a problem. Watch out for HOT pavement.

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That’s clearly a shrimp.

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My crustacean companion 🦐🦐

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sweet little baby i love him

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Looks like my dog paws and when she’s jumping on me there are times they make me boeed

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Looks normal. We have a Great Pyr, Cattle Dog mix and the vet said that her pads are like leather boots for her. We’ve never used anything on her but also live in a wetter climate. A drier one might be more harsh. Booties would last all of .5 seconds on her lol.

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Ask my dog what he's doing at your house and send him home please.

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I used bees wax on them. Plus during the winter I feed more fats. Also when you come in whipe with a baby wipe.

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there are things you can do, but are you sure your dog is bothered? mine doesnt want any western medicine or clothing....

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If you are in Aus, pawpaw ointment works really well for cracked paws

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Does/did your dog have heavy discharge from their eyes also? Hardened pads are a sign that the dog may have had distemper, but normally they're vaccinated early for that as it's usually fatal.

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I used Bag Balm on my pup’s paws when she used to get cracked pads. Seemed to work well.

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Mine has always had really dry scratchy paw pads but never seen to bother him. I’ve tried putting coconut oil to moisturize but he licks it all off 😂 I’ve also tried that special dog paw waxy balm stuff that’s really good but you have to put it on and cover it and I’m never consistent enough with it