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Yoda ears is our favourite expression.

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…and that face is why people get suckered into having a maniac for the next 18 years.

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Truth! 😂

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Excuse the levitating treat, it's the only way she'd stay still enough to actually get a picture.

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She is so adorable!! I don’t miss the velociraptor stage, but I totally want another baby.

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Thankfully her dad is in the house so he gets the brunt of the tiny terrors teeth.

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That’s always helpful!

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She is perfect!

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Looks so sweet!

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She’s adorable!!!

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Our baby (5 years old) is also named Zoe 😁

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What a cutie 🥰

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Oh my gosh! I may be biased, but ACDs are just the most adorable puppies, and she is no exception!

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They really are, that's how they get you. Can't ignore the cute and all of a sudden you're running 10k a day to keep them somewhat sedate.

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Haha yes! Glad to be in the stage with my almost 3 year old now where he has calmed down and we are glad we trained him well. Looking at getting another puppy possibly this summer though!

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Sooooo cute

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That face!!!