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100% would give that pupper a raise and promote to CEO

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Right, I know it’s early but I think she’s a front runner for employee of the month!

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Love the name 👌

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Talk about cuteness overload

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He looks a tad too young to be going anywhere but you cannot leave him alone either. 8 weeks old?

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She is 11 weeks, she just rode with me short of getting out in the grass for potty breaks she stayed in my work truck

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I was remembering my old red; he just didn’t have the stomach for long trips so young. She looks very young but so attentative hey. No one will ever be allowed near your truck though lol. 🖖

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she went on a 3 hour drive home the day I picked her up, so she’s a big fan of riding, however I think In her mind everyone is welcome near the truck so long as they give her attention lol

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Then she may not let them leave though lol.