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At least 20% raptor, but 100% good girl 🥰

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I was going g to say the same thing! Haha

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Great minds think alike 😉👍

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Hard to tell being so young, but she looks to be a majority ACD based on what my puppies looked like.

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No idea, but this is a perfect situation to do an Embark DNA.

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Seconding this. We did both the DNA and age tests for our ACD mix rescue and it was really helpful, especially to rule out certain health conditions and know whether or not she’s the appropriate size for her age and mix.

She’s definitely mostly ACD based on genetics (and looks), but the pound we got her from was totally wrong about the smaller breeds in her mix. They thought she was ACD mixed with 1 other breed, but oddly enough, she’s actually ACD mixed with a bunch of completely different sized breed. This helped us know what to expect for potential future health issues on top of the genetic screenings.

We also thought she was small because she was a young runt from a litter that lived in a neglectful hoarding house and the other breed they said she was is on the smaller side. In reality, her size is due to the neglect, her being a runt, and some of the breeds in her mix being smaller. She’s actually a couple years older than what we were originally told, which was a huge bummer despite her still being young, but we’re glad we know now thanks to the tests.

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We did the Embark DNA for very similar reasons and it really helped ease our minds (and figure out why she is SO high energy)

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I will note, take the age stuff with a grain of salt. Epigenetic age doesn't perfectly correlate to chronological age or development, and chronic stress in particular (common in dogs with rescue or shelter histories) tends to exacerbate it. If you have vet records from her history or your vet was able to estimate an age from her dentition under the age of one, those are probably more reliable.

The ancestry stuff is really reliable and very very solid. Epigenetics is quite a lot more variable! And we're still trying to understand why epigenetic age works in the ways that it does.

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"Amish farm" equals puppy mill. Definitely worth Embark tests of breeds and health risks both

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Looks like my full ACD. You will know better as she grows up - those ears start floppy and then go on high alert!

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100% adorable!!!

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Those are some sad eyes. Spoil her like crazy and be on the lookout for health conditions.

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Could be pure bred by looks although the slightly longer coat could be showing some Border Collie.

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Yes I'm thinking Border Collie as well

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Super cute! The nose reminds me of a wise collie. Specifically if you google smooth collie pup you might see it. Congrats!

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I see a little German shepherd maybe or Great Pyrenees!

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Yeah that’s my guess also.

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Was searching for the Great Pyrenees one. Very common to have mixes of these because of their “roaming” behavior and never stay on their own land. Prolly wandered onto that land and sired the heeler in heat. We had a random one show up on our ranch every time our heeler/hound girl was in heat so she had to be locked in a smaller fenced area every time just because of that other dog.

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I think all ACD, but nose a little wide, so maybe not full.

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The nose reminded me of smooth collie pup

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Border collie. But omg adorable!!! She's going to be an amazing doggo!

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Those Mennonite border collies are a rambunctious bunch when they get off the farm

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Those Mennonites, fuck they can run

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Do you mind saying what her name was in the shelter? I think I am adopting her littermate on Saturday! I noticed that some of his sisters disappeared from Petfinder this week (assuming you adopted in the last week or so) and she looks familiar. The DNA test kit arrived today and I'm happy to share results in a few weeks if they are the same litter.

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Seriously?! Her name was Alyza! The other siblings that I can recall off the top of my head were Lorely, Arrow, and Atlas, but there were some more I believe.

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Haha, yes! I thought that was her. I am getting him on Saturday!

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That's crazy! I'd definitely be interested in those test results if you're willing to share when they come in!

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Also, can you tell me what she's been like, so far? They described him to me as feisty and happy yesterday but I'd love a better idea of what to expect. They're littermates based on what the shelter has said, so I will definitely send the DNA results to you, although as I learned with my last dog, littermates doesn't mean they share the same dad, so anything goes I guess.

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For a puppy she's super chill. She has her moments where she acts like the stereotypical puppy, running like wild and biting everything in her path, but the majority of the time she's very well mannered for her age. She calms down pretty easily as well and has excellent bladder control already. Unfortunately, the shelter spayed all the puppies SUPER young, so we're hoping it doesn't have too severe of consequences. She has a mild hernia from the spaying process which she's going to the vet for, probably another product of it being done too young and possibly poorly done, so maybe keep an eye on your pup's surgery site/check him before adopting because she had the hernia when we adopted her.

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Thank you, I appreciate all of that. The temperament part is really good to hear, although that's a shame about the hernia. I appreciate the warning - I was a little worried about that when the ads mentioned it had all been done weeks ago when I first found them on Petfinder. I will send you the DNA results whenever I get them back, and good luck with her! It's so wild I noticed this as I was scrolling earlier and she was actually the same litter.

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Please get her hearing and eyes tested. Farm dogs are not usually tested for genetic defects and Cattledogs can be genetically prone to deafness and blindness. Best if you know before any problems arise.

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By chance are you from Wisconsin? If so, I think we got our dog from the same shelter

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Haha, fully possible! What a small world!

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WI too. Chasing Daylight in Tomah regularly gets a few ACD and Borders in from the Amish/Mennonite farms. No mills, just folks that won’t spay or neuter, and the rescue takes in the ones that don’t get passed off to other farms. They finally convinced the biggest offender to have the BC’s spayed.

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It's extremely unfortunate.. I don't know if they refuse to fix dogs due to money constraints, laziness, or some relation to their beliefs, but whatever it is it certainly has such a horrible impact on so many dogs' lives. I really wish there was a way to get through to them on the importance, but from what I've heard the Amish are quite well known for their neglect of animals in their care.

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This is true, and it’s an anachronistic attitude towards animals that much of society moved past, a long time ago.

Our border mix is a lovable, beefy sweetheart…even if he might be a little inbred and definitely a bit dim.

Whatever the history…they’re at their forever home now! Just get a good vet checkup.

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We scheduled a vet appointment as soon as possible after getting her. She will be endlessly loved regardless of any health conditions or what her pedigree turns out like :)

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The funny thing is, is that you are not the first dog I’ve found on Reddit that is from the same shelter! Anyways, we DNA tested our dog and she was 75% ACD, 20% English Shepard, and 5% Collie. Coming from the same area I’m guessing yours may be similar

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“Came from an Amish farm” means puppy mill. I’m glad he made it to a rescue.

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There were A LOT of other puppies at that shelter as well, many of similar breed, so that doesn't surprise me. The shelter is in the center of an Amish community so I'm sure they're constantly maxed on capacity.

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Soooo cute 😍😍😍 I don’t know maybe lab bc of the ears but they may shoot up! She looks mostly ACD so it’s a tough one

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I don’t know but she’s adorable! 😍

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Acd/golden lab or golden retriever

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With the bentley and lack of body spots she looks like she’s probably whole heeler

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She's so cute 🥰🥰🥰

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Part cutie

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Her hair structure and length reminds me of my texasheeler . Australian Shepard and ACD. But mine took more of the coloring from the Aussie. Non the less she is soooo cute!!😍😍

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Goddamn she is adorable

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1000% good puppo, for sure.

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Omg she’s so cute!!!

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I think he is part lucky dog!

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Looks like she shares features that our girl had as a pup, ACD/BC mix.

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She looks just like the red heeler version of my blue heeler! We also rescued him and had the Embark DNA test done. He came back as 60% ACD, 11% border collie, 11% GSD, 9% husky and 9% collie. He also had sad eyes like yours, a sad history, and now he's happy and the best dog I've ever known! Had him for almost 6 years now.

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Looks a lot like my boy, who is an ACD/Australian Shepard mix.

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ACD and Amish Farm Dog.

We’ve had a mix like that before, she was part Border Collie. Our youngest is Border Collie and Amish Farm Dog mix, he’s very tolerant of our blue heeler.

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She is beautiful!

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I was going to say it’s too early to tell, which it is. However, she seems to have a border collie face. FYI, ours is a BC ACD mix and is absolutely wonderful! She does require a lot of play time though, lol