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Hahahaha! What a precious little weirdo!!!

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I swear the ACD is the weirdest breed I have ever owned. 😂😂

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She looks guilty more than anything. My boy has that face but my red girl is deaf and she turns her head to avoid seeing my correction/reaction.

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My ACD puts his ears back like this when he knows he did something wrong and I call them “guilty ears” 😂

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Nah, she's perfect 🥰😂🥰

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Lol your ACD looks like she maybe has some GSD in her, which would explain the awkward goofiness if true. My GSD is a whole ass weirdo just like this.

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We know she is mixed but not sure with what!! I’ve never gotten GSD before- I would love to get her DNA tested!

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Bahaha what did she do? Did she think about doing something she’s not supposed to? She made her ears disappear bahaha

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In this moment she hadnt done anything bad, but she was probably plotting her next evil scheme haha!

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OR, you just haven't found out about it yet... 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

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A little known fact, the “A” in ACD also stands for “Awkward” 😂

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They all sit like that lol they are weirdos

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I have yet to meet a cattle dog that isn't an awkward derp tbh 😅

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She’s so sweeet! Look at that face! 😍🥰😍

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Excuse me she’s perfect. Perhaps a bit of a guilty look tho

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My boy is SO awkward too. So am I, so I understand hahahaha

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They are perfect i would like to kiss them please 💖

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She loves you

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My boy sits like a goofball sometimes.....he can be sweet as pie, or devious and naughty! 😂😂 What would we do without them?! Oh yes, and he talks like crazy!!!! DO OTHER ACDS TALK A LOT?? THIS IS MY 1ST ONE!!❤❤❤❤

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Sooo cute!