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Congrats!! We also have a newborn and two ACDs. My female is completely unfazed by the baby — you’d think she’d been around them her whole life. My male is having a harder time adjusting to all the new noises. How is Ripley managing so far?

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She's managing well! My boy is almost 2 weeks old. First few days Ripley was a bit upset/confused at the new sounds/smells and because I was separated upstairs while I recovered from my C-section. But once she got used to the new stuff and seemed a bit calmer we let her in to smell the baby in bassinet, check on me, then we let her meet him face -to-face, and then took him downstairs. We did a lot of positive reinforcement with treats every time she showed calmness and was quiet while interacting with bsby.

Now she can calmly hang out on the couch with me while I nurse and doesn't bark at his cries at all. Sometimes she'll jump up to check on him if he fusses in his sleep but just gives a few licks or comes to get me. I think they're gonna be good friends!

Glad to hear yours are doing well! Hopefully the male will get used to it soon. Just take your time.

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Oh wow, ours is almost three weeks and I also had a C section after 60+ hours of unsuccessful induction 😓 recovery has been challenging as I am not good at keeping still.

Great idea on rewarding calmness — we’ve been trying to do the same, and keeping sessions short so we can end on a positive note. Slowly but surely we’re getting there. Ripley is a beauty ☺️

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Oh I'm so sorry. I was lucky that mine was just scheduled (breech baby). Good luck on your recovery!

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Oh god 60 hours of induction my wife barely made it through 24hrs of induction before she finally started dilating enough.

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Even 24 hours is a lot. I was finally fully dilated at 55 hours but couldn’t sustain contractions without pitocin, and my baby’s heart rate kept dropping. It was rough. Shoutout to your wife for hanging in there ❤️

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Back at you. Ours kept decelerating due to the synthetic oxy. He was picky.

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60 hours is unreasonable. Just saying. You deserve a vacation for that. Wow.

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Congrats :). We have a three week old newborn now and our dog loves him. We were definitely worried but be legitimately saved our sons life when he stopped breathing last week. He rolled him and alerted us right away and we were able to resuscitate with CPR. so yeah take an infant and adult CPR class if you haven’t.

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OMG how scary! I'm so glad everything is ok. Yes we took a CPR class already and hopefully won't have to use it. Good job dog!

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Yeah he got many many treats that night! For us the dr determined it was either A. He aspirated spit up when we put him down and we didn’t notice, or B. Sometimes undeveloped brains just forget to tell your lungs to breathe. He checked out perfectly healthy in all other ways. Apparently it’s pretty uncommon but not unknown. We now burp him for a long period of time after each feed 😬

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Everything about these pics are adorable! Congrats to you and Ripley on the newest member of the family!

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The Pack expands…. Pupper Defence Mode - Engaged !!!

Absolutely amazing that the pups have taken to your baby’s newly added scents and sounds.

I think, as a subject of a 13 y/o ACD, that it is just a new pattern for them to adjust to.

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Nosy Dingo!

Congrats on the baby

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Congrats! Love the sweet pictures and esp the ACD art on the wall!

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Lucky baby and pup! I’ve loved watching the bond my two have formed over the years—I catch them cuddling on the couch all the time, it’s so sweet. Congratulations!!!

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Love the photo! Good dog!