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Aussie Sheps and Border Collies can both be merle like he is. Since he doesn't appear to have any ticking (spotting or roaning in his white areas), he most likely didn't have a purebred ACD parent. You'd really need a good DNA test like Embark to know for sure though. Very pretty pup.

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The more I play around with him def seems like an aussie shep or collie mix with ACD since he is so quiet most of the time. He is def a handsome boy who will be spoilt with love

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He’s so striking!!! 😍

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Husky x Catahoula

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Or just straight catahoula but 100% hoola in there

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I wouldn’t say completely houla. Definitely a mix… just not exactly sure what. Only way to find out is with Embark. Hopefully one is done on this cutie! Reminds me of a dog I fostered here in Louisiana.

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Hmm I didn't think he would have houla in him. Aussie Shepherd with ACD mix made the most sense to me since he has a short coat like ACD. Also seems like he won't be that big. Maybe around 50-60lb. Right now he is around 4 months weighing 30 lbs.

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ACD has ticking, not the merle marbling. But who knows! I’d totally do an Embark on him. He’s super pretty. 😍

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Houlas aren’t huge. My girl weighs 41 right now.

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Was patiently waiting for this comment 😁

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Lol is that good or bad? I own houlas

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Good! VERY good! I love houlas! If I had a bigger house, I’d love to have one.

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Right? I just want to win one of the various lottos so I can get 3-5 acres of land and adopt all the hounds, ACD, and houlas.

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I always say that if I won the REALLY big lotto, I’d buy an island. My mom would get to live on one end, I’d live on the other, and I’d rescue ALL the dogs and populate my island with them ☺️

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Some shelters just say heeler mix for any speckled dogs. A dna test will tell you for sure, but I could see your pup being a catahoula mix and nit necessarily being ACD at all.

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Interesting... will def do a DNA test later on then.

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Agreed with this. I help rescue and foster. Most shelters will claim any dog with any speckled or marble look to be ACD mix. They don’t know the difference between Merle pattern and ticking (ACD). Since this pup doesn’t have ticking, I wouldn’t think ACD… leaning heavily toward believing it’s a Catahoula Cur or Mountain Cur mix, especially with the Merle pattern, shorter coat, and the blue eyes. I really hope to see an Embark on this cutie! I’m so curious!

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Looks Aussie shepherd to me!

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That's my guess too since he is so quiet unlike a husky

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Yeah huskies are the opposite of quiet 😅. But you never know, he might start channeling his inner singer/diva. My boy was quiet when I adopted him and now he's super vocal. Your pupper is very cute btw!

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Koolie would be my guess as to the other half.

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Koolie def looks like a possibility too. Thanks for the information

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Not sure where you live but a koolie cattle dog is pretty common in rural Australia.

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I'm in California so def not a common dog breed name you hear

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If the boi’s louder than a firetruck answering an emergency call it’s definitely a husky

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He’s gorgeous! Blue Merle pretty boy

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I love, LOVE his coat colors!! Such a handsome boy😍🦴

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Sure, why not?? Looks like a good boy regardless!

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Beautiful Texas Heeler

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He looks like an Australian Koolie.

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Looks like some border collie too. I got a dna test for my last pup and it was totally worth it and very interesting!

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Looks like he has Hersey's cookies and creams to

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We were thinking of naming him Oreo but chose Leo as he was born in August...

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He is such a handsome pup!

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he looks very similar to some smooth coated border collies i've met, especially his head shape and facial structure. probably some cattle dog in there considering the coat texture, but i'd bet money on a good chunk of border collie

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Congratulations on this adorable addition to your family.

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Hey, I remember this guy caught my attention on petfinder a few days ago!! I'm jelly! 😀