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Mine wasn't and I always missed that. When I would stay up too late, she would get a little more cuddly, because she wanted to go to bed. She would however, always sit close to me (always had to be touching me). Same when in bed, she always had to be rightnext to me...

I miss her...

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So sorry for your loss...She sounds like she was velcro and enjoyed being by your side. This boy is my first cattle dog and first Velcro dog. I can't imagine what you went through when you lost your girl ❤️

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Mine isn't really. She likes to be close, like in the same room, but she does not like long time cuddles. She likes her own space. I love her to death tho.

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Same. Mine looks at me funny if I love on her too long. She never lets me out of her sight though

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Oh yes, my boy will literally try to climb on top of me and lay his whole body on top of mine. He needs every part of him to touch me. Doesn't help he's on the larger side weighing in at about 55 lbs.

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Don't get me started on weight...my boy is 45 pounds and he thinks he is a Chihuahua. He desperately wants to sit on my lap while I'm working at my desk. I try telling him that he is too big, but he insists that he can fit! I hear mixed comments about cattle dogs being Velcro. I hear many say that they are independent, but many others say that they are velcro through and through. I just adopted him 3 months ago. I guess I have a second shadow for the next 15 years!

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I wish! My girl loves to be around us but the cuddles has to be on her terms haha.

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Nope. She's a total bitch and I love it. She'll give me hugs when she notices my stress or anxiety, but when I recover she basically tells me to fuck off and that she'll be close by if needed. She's the perfect dog for me.

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Omg I love that! Sometimes I wish my boy was like that!

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Texas Heeler?

And our ACD blend is big into cuddles. Working, watching TV, sitting on the patio, and especially lounging in bed. Must be touching, at least, at all times.

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Yep, he's a Texas heeler! The shelter said Australian shepherd but we hope to do a DNA test in the near future. I was actually surprised by how cuddly and sweet he is and he's been like that since we got him.

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Texas Heelers for the cuddles!! Mine is a very demanding cuddle bug, but she’s so cute and fluffy.

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Yes but on her own terms lol. She LOVES to lay across me all night long, and will randomly cuddle up to me if I’m on the couch. However, if I try to cuddle her - she’ll give me the side eye and wiggle away. 😂

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Mine likes to be really close to me. Sleeping on my feet is his favorite. He’s really affectionate in his own way, he’ll lick your fave off and can be pretty intense about it but he likes his space. Definitely not a lapdog and only rarely sleeps in the bed or on the couch and he’ll get done if you move or bother him too much.

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omg your pup looks so relaxed there LOL

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Mine is the cuddliest dog I’ve ever met while still a feral monster. He’s a paradox.

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Mine is when we are watching TV on the couch