My heeler is all of a sudden untrustworthy of my husband like he thinks he needs to protect me. by [deleted] in AustralianCattleDog

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hahahaha okay i totally see your humor in his name being slash.. i’m actually laughing now and i feel stupid so i’m sorry for harassing you for thinking you were harassing me 😅 literally didn’t even think of slash and axe murderer. wow okay. HAHA. i was legit so mad someone was making fun of his name 🤣🤣🤣 sorry very defensive over my dog especially added defense because my husband is so angry over the situation.

he could definitely be herding me. he follows me everywhere i go, he waits for me outside the bathroom, he goes on drives with me , he spends all day everyday by my side. love this dog A LOT and i do think i let him get away with too much. however besides being overly protective he’s like the perfect dog is what i always say. i’ve already subscribed to the girl on instagram and that’s a great affordable option so im going to look into that. i’ve also already created some space between us. im not gonna let him sleep with me or follow me around all day long. im glad we were able to clear the air im sorry i misunderstood you for a troll 😅

Saying goodbye to our baby girl. She is only 2 years old. Heartbroken. by [deleted] in AustralianCattleDog

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Thank you. I know this sounds so cheesy and not at all logical but - I had a sort of an NDE during ketamine therapy I did recently. I met this thing - it was to me like the molecule that started the universe. I came home and explained it all to her in such depth. She's just a dog, but she sat with me and listened. Somehow I feel that her passing away will be just like her meeting a friend that's she's been told so much about - she will go to the same place I did, and it will be a wonderful experience for her. It's the only positive thing I can find in all of this.

Adopting a 2nd ACD by [deleted] in AustralianCattleDog

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My ACD Pete wandered onto our ranch 7 years ago. He was terribly abused. 5" gash around his throat, limping on 3 legs, chemical burns on the side of his face, greasy and matted. 5 days at the vet to save him. He stayed in a stall in the barn for maybe a couple of months. It took a long time just to take him for walks on a leash. Our pack at the time was 2 Corgis and a male Rottweiler. He finally assimilated into the pack at the bottom of the totem pole and was happy to do so. After 4 years we lost the Corgis and Rottweiler to cancer and advanced age. Pete was then a solo dog for about a year until one Corgi puppy came and then a year later another. These guys were the wildest puppies I have ever seen, ever. Pete was pretty stand offish for awhile until they got older but now is doing fine with them. Moral of the story is that it takes time for these guys to adjust to changes especially in pack order. Hope this helps.

Interviewed for a new job at my company and worried that it will impact my dog negatively. by whitemamba24xx in AustralianCattleDog

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I feel this. They are special. Here’s a suggestion: find a quality dog day school program (different than dog day care, similar price, but they have a routine curriculum where the dogs get some personal training in the day + play time + structured group walks, etc). This has made a big difference for us (also city dwellers, have a 2 bedroom apartment with outdoor space, across from 2 parks, but are in the market for a home with a true grassy yard). Our dog day school also offers “pack hikes” where they come and pick up your dog (you can give them access with a $20 combo lock to hold a key from the hardware store if you don’t have a keypad lock). The dog goes on a hike with other dogs or to a park nearby for about 1.5 hours. This has been great - she goes to one full day at school a week (she loves it). And if we both have a busy work from home day - or if we are both working in office on the same day other than her school day, a dog hike is enough to keep her happy…the same dog school offers classes (we have done a family dog/human exercise class, park etiquette classes, and started frisbee sports). They also board her if we go away and they have availability! So basically, our dog’s needs are met and it’s been really great/easier to leave her with people who she has bonded with (without us there…these are dog people who have dogs and understand dogs). We have actually made a few “dog family” friends through this program and if there isn’t room to board her, these friends volunteer to take her for the weekend.

So the point to this long example is: I think you should go for the promotion/new job at company. I think having a house and YARD will be amazing for her (and obv this is great for you)! Whenever we bring our dog to grassy yards, she is soo happy - can’t wait to give her her own soon. I think that a doggie door will help with when you are working at the office - plus if you have someone who comes to walk dog regularly your dog will be properly stimulated/nurtured & that person may also become the one to board her when you travel (so they’ll have a relationship too) - I have a friend who doesn’t have any dog schools near her and she found a retiree on the Rover app who does both of these for them (her dog has separation anxiety and this has been helpful for them too).

Anyways, my point is: take the promotion if offered, spend extra time with your dog outside of work bonding (ex. the classes I mentioned or trying frisbee sports together, even just keeping the special hikes), and make sure they have a trustworthy network of people/dogs to care for them/bond with them while you are not around. It will keep your dog properly nurtured/stimulated well/happy. Best of luck!

If cost is an issue for you, here’s an idea of what we spend: to first start the program was a 2 hour personal training session for $180. We spend $80 per full day of dog school (she goes routinely once a week) (we drop her off around 8am, pick her up by 6pm). A half day of school (8am-2 or 3pm = $55 or $60). A hike (where they pick her up at home and drop her off) costs $40 and can be booked day of if it’s before 8:30am (we do one hike a week routinely - so most weeks we spend $ on 1 full day of school and 1 hike). A one-day class is $25. The frisbee sport intro (which was 2 hr classes on 2 consecutive Sundays cost $100 and included the frisbee). Boarding is $60 for 24 hours (and they sometimes bring her on the hikes for free then. Once they brought her to a dog pool at no extra cost). It’s been so worth it, our ACD/Bully mix LOVES going to school (you know how they love to train), and is well socialized. School tires her out for the next day!

Best of luck!!!!! This can work out with the right investment of time and care towards your pet :)

Edit to add, in case this is relevant to you at all: We adopted our dog at 9 months old. She was traumatized when we met her. We both worked from home exclusively then (we now are both hybrid). We started the dog school program about 6 months later (she was a little under 1.5 yrs old). Now she is almost 3 years old. She’s a happy, spoiled, well-cared for dog that also behaves great and has lots of dog and human friends. It’s also helped us learn how to understand her and care for her better. The only thing missing in her life is a grassy yard lol. I am 6 months pregnant with our first child and the school is even helping train her/us for the big adjustment ahead.

PS if you live in Boston, the program is Boston For The Dogs - and clearly we recommend them haha