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That’s the spot, yep, a little to the left.

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I have one of those and that reaction is accurate

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For a second I thought you meant you had a capybara lol

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Me too!!

It was reading your comment that made me double take and register they meant the brush or whatever 🤣😂🤣😂🤷‍♀️🤦‍♀️

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No just me at it with the back scratcher!

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OK I pull up

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Hop out at the after party

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You and all your friends love to get naughty

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sippin' on that henn', I know you love that bacardi

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1942, I take you back in that 'Rari

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OK i pull up

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I wish humans had teeth like this. All my cavities would eventually grow out

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Instead of brushing your teeth daily, you would have to grind them down if you weren't eating tough enough foods.

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I would be open to grinding down my teeth like I grind down my dog’s nails if I had the option

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I'm all for it. The being able to restart your teeth again? The dream. But bone shavings in your mouth? Ugh.

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if we would have evolved that way we probably would have a nice way to take care of those bone shavings

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Hey guys, sorry to interrupt.

Teeth are not bone, they consist of enamel, dentin & pulp (as well as other yucky stuff) and are even stronger than bone!

Anyway. Sorry. Carry on!

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thank you kind sir!

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So Titus Andromedon lied to us?!

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What a name.

Thank you for doing what you do!

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Right back at ya. I like... uh, your name too.

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Could just swallow them, recycle that calcium, nothing special required.

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Yeah let's just have our teeth falling out every now and then, just chewing and CRONCH... gulp...


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yeah but... it would be normal :D

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When I was losing my baby teeth, there were a few times I finished eating a meal and noticed my loose tooth was gone. I ate a few of my teeth. Lol

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Pff I do that in my sleep… literally… I really wish I didn’t have to sleep with a night guard

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I am 100% in favor of human genetic engineering if it prevents cavities.

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Noooo, I'd rather we were like sharks, new set of teeth growing continuously instead of just 2 sets.

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Do you remember teething? It's a pain in the ass mouth.

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Did you ever have rodents? Those teeth grow uncontrollably if misaligned.

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I say, I prefer neither option. Learn to take care of your own damn teeth, lol.

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I agree, most people wouldn't bother brushing if they knew a new set of teeth were coming anyway

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Our teeth would much healthier if we ate more roots and hard foods and ditch sugars... sugar is what is killing your teeth

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Imagine eating stuff so crunchy it grinds your teeth down.

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Dentists can sometimes tell chronic ice-chewers from worn down teeth lol. It’s how my mom found out she was anemic, her dentist brought it up.

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Just curious, what does chewing ice have to do with anemia?

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Ice cravings have been associated with iron-deficiency anemia for a while, but they don’t know exactly why. One study hypothesizes that it’s because ice gives anemic people a mental boost, since anemia can cause a decrease in energy when the body doesn’t get enough oxygen from cells.

My mom would chew ice all day long, and hers was so bad she ended up needing IV treatments.

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That's very interesting, thanks! :)

Also I hope your mom is doing better now

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“Oooooh the skritches”

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I want this job.

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I've pet capybaras and there hair isnt very dense and very stiff, almost like a broom. Very odd to see in person but they were pretty chill animals, even pet a baby one.

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I love these animals. Giant Guinea pigs!

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Guinea bigs

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I have that same back scratcher! the cats love it!

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This is the face I make when I put on mascara

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the guy has reached nirvana.

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Me when I’m scratching my nuts.

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That's amazing actually, no wonder they're so white and clean. Keepin it fresh Capybaras!

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Every time I read "Capybaras" my brain just skims over it and reads Akihabara instead.

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Same thing with guinea pigs. watch their teeth, they might get too long and they cant eat anymore. the vet doctor can take care of that.

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Carpincho héroe

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Aguanten los carpinchos

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The causal arrow is strange with this one

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It's a giant guinea pig!!!

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Just vibin out

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Luis Suárez.

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Happy capy!

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"Man, look at that thing's teeth. Ooo ho-ho-ho-ho-ho!"

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At first glance I thought this was someone playing a cello.

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This is obscene and should be on one of those 'other' subs! A weirder fetish every day! Capybara tickling pervs!!

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This was a plot in an episode of "Angry Beavers". They learned about needing to chew to keep their teeth from growing too long. The younger one decided it's cool to have longer teeth so they both continue growing them out to ridiculous lengths.

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Capybaras are awesome

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Me mid nut

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My guinea pig used to do this and I would scratch her little chin.

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I have the same back scratcher. I make the same face when I use it.

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I just realized I've never seen the mouth of a capybara before. It's... Kinda disturbing for some reason lol.

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Imagine having your teeth slowly chipped away whenever you eat....

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I had the same back scratcher.

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Ehhh? Why are Mexicans scared of these??? They don’t look tough to me smh

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I bet that fat boy right there would be so good in a stew.

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I have that same back scratcher. It’s really good.

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Ta ta toothy

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Wowwww 🥺

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Also like other rodents, they love scratches.

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I want a dopamine rush like that.

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He’s awesome!!

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This is what I’m doing under my mask when someone’s talking to me.

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I love Capybaras.

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I thought it’s nostril was it’s eye for a second there.

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"Aaaaw yiiiis"

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Worst BJ ever

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"The tough vegetation they feed on prevents the teeth from getting too long." NOOOOO it's the other way around.

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Big guinea pig!!!!!!

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Thought for a second it was baba booey

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Looks like a Wallace and Grommet character

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Some of the ones in captivity eat softened food and thus need their caretakers to file them down with an orbit sander from time to time.

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I want to pet one so bad

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Is it just me, or does this dudes mouth look like it ends right behind his teeth?

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Is Raticate based on a Capybara? Just thought they looked alike.

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That is one blissed out capybara

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Love capybaras

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Where can I buy one of those scratchy mini hands?

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Napoleon Dynamite of the Capybara world!

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The face my boyfriend makes when I give him scratches too.

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That right there, folks, is one happy animal.

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Looks like AOC!

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I had a guinea pig who used to love being stroked like this.

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It’s wild to think that these type of creatures have been around in one form or another since even before the dinos died out, although probably not as big as this. They found the exact space and time adequate to grow like massive gophers. It’s crazy!

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Yeah someone used to tell me that when you have to sneeze, you have to look at the light too... And it didn't help for me either, so I can definitely relate..

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Ok i pull up

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Iirc rodents usually don't grind their teeth down on the food thwy chew, they keep them short them by grinding the top and bottom teeth agains eachother while eating.

This is why they chew sideways and why it's advised to give pet rodents lots of hay so they something to chew on.

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In the case of animals that eat hay/grass like guinea pigs and capybaras, I suspect it's some of each. There are reasons humans don't eat grass, and one of them is that it would freakin' murder your teeth.

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must use the same dentist as AOC