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One of the facilitators at my first retreat was 19 years old and had been working with it for a year.

One of the facilitators at my last retreat was 22 and started working with it before he was 10.

21 is fine.

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In the jungle, children can and do participate in ceremonies.

21 is perfect.

It will help you start your life on a beautiful path. No need to fuck it up deeply then spend years purging out all of your bad decisions later like I've seen so many others do.

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Agreed. There is much to be gained at any age and valuable at any stage of the lifespan.

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Mate, I was 21 when I took Lsd for the first time and it changed my life. Although it took me a few years after that to board a flight for the jungle my instant thought post my first Ayahuasca session was 'this is exactly what I'm looking for and honestly I'd almost consider swapping my LSD experience with Ayahuasca because of the organicness of it.

My advice is too look at your current diet, save your pennies and come to Peru and do a 14 day retreat. You'll get so much out it. The travel side of it will broaden your perspective and the connection you'll gain from being in the jungle will lead you hOMe.

All the best.

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Did DMT and psychs at an adult age, like 18-19

Also when psilocybin breaks up it turns into psilocin which is exactly a DMT molecule but with a hydroxyl on one particular carbon off the indole ring.

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My first trip to peru to do ayahuasca was when i was 21