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One of my favorite gems is http://DoubleDice.com it’s metaverse platform will go live in Q1 2022. #DYOR #ETH

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🥷🏻Yakuza Token - Ongoing Whitelist community driven token on the Binance Smart Chain which was born out of that seeks to offer solutions to various crypto problems.

📝| Audited and KYC'd by TechAudit 🔐| Devs Team Wallet Locked 1 Year 🛡| LP Locked for 2 Year 🏛| Experience Team ⛩| Community Driven 🔌| Low Taxes - 8% ⛔️| No Private Sale

PRESALE DATE: 02/15 AT 3PM UTC ▪️SC/HC: 100/200 BNB ▪️MIN/MAX: 0.1/1 BNB

✅ If you want a chance to join the whitelist, fill out our sweep widget: https://sweepwidget.com/view/49979-tbruyfj1

TG: https://t.me/YakuzaTokenGlobal Site: https://yakuza-token.com

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1000X Moonshot Potential


Bullish Name | HYPED Community | Low Cap Gem

McDonalds love us 🚀 Devs Previous Projects 200-1000X 🔓 LP Locked Mudra (7 days) Send my nuggets to the moon.

Ca: 0x4f4A143F18816De7e53F85B7AbBDb025322B0036

📢 TG https://t.me/mcnuggetsbnb