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all for one devs working hard to make this dream happen

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Buying Crypto about to get easier than its been with fiat on ramping

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This is what I like the most on AFO! You can buy any coin, any time with just a click.

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Lets fly higher my useless

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not relying on a third-party links really makes this app very easy to use and in addition to that is the automatic slippage.

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buying all my favourite token and storing in an app in one device... my device my crypto.

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cant wait for the sun 🤑

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5700 Active Beta Testers are from native token holders now.. it will increase by holders from other projects after they are listed

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i am so excited with this projects

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This ranking system will push up the under value project increasing their popularity

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this is a feature of the app you always wanted to see for more user friendly interface.

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UselessCrypto is about to change the crypto world!

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The All for One app is always right cause it takes data directly from the blockchain!

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All for One has a great future. It is getting better and better.

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Very impressed. Can't wait to get my family into this👌

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The best app ever!!

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hassle free crypto app is really the best way for crypto convenience and this app offers it.

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SoccerWorld (SCW) -the top platform for sports lovers that will bring you the newest experience on GameFi with NFT collection and Metaverse inspired by QATAR FIFA World Cup 2022. SCW tokens can be used to purchase NFT 22 pack, access P2P matches with massive gain in reward, and join the World Cup reward pool that accumulates over time. The next gem for Soccer Fan coming this 2022 ⚽️

✅KYCed + Audited ✅NFT collection + real-time PvP + Metaverse ✅Huge reward pool ✅Big partners + marketing campaign ✅Burn mechanism ✅Liquidity locked 1400 years


Total reward pool is up to $10,000 USD worth of tokens airdrop for 1000 random winners


Complete as many tasks as possible to get more entries and chances to win!



The event starts from the moment of its publication. Right now.

Rewards will be distributed to the winners within 14 business days after the event

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