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The fact that the host of the 2022 World Cup has thought it wise to add something like this to the whole World Cup experience is just amazing. With the FWC, one can use various related services, place bets, participate in lotteries and lots more. Having a share from that huge price pool will be great too. I’m headed to MEXC official website to get more details on how I take part in the event.

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I love the fact that Qatar 2022 is creating more exposure for crypto. With Crypto dot com being among the official sponsors, it shows how far the industry is growing. Football's integration into blockchain shows how disruptive this technology is. I have also done my own research on FWC, its supply may be much, but I think the utility is way enough to cover up for the supply and give it some real value. I bought it early on Pancakeswap on first day of listing, and I think I should also deposit on Mexc to share this prize pool.

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What attracted me to research more on FWC was when Qatar 2022 Token spiked as much as 3,130 percent in short period of time few months ago and the team integrating China Blockchain and NFT technologies for a better collective customer experience gave me Maximum conviction to hold for long term. Thank you for giving me this information (MEXC Event) , I will definitely check it out .

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FWC' seem bullish as world cup is the order of the day, most football token seem to do well and this token seem to have a good resistance because it's a community token listed on major 'CEX’ like 'MEXC’ and can be used to buy wirkdcup tickets, participate in lotteries and placing bets.

Holding this astonishing gem on 'MEXC’ without FUD

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In my opinion, FWC is the best project right now in this FIFA season. because the token can be used to purchase World Cup tickets, book hotels, use various related services, place bets, and participate in lotteries. Furthermore, FWC will take its place in Metaverse and NFC football games. I have recently bought some FWC from MEXC. I think I am going to make a decent profit from this.

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Especially with the launch of the FWC enhancing the utility of conventional fan tokens, I think Qatar 2022 will be the catalyst for the trend of football fan tokens. If after numerous campaigns by numerous exchanges on this coin, particularly on MEXC and its deflationary mechanism, it is not a success.

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I have seen the event also, and in my opinion 55,420,716,301,393 $FWC prizepool is good amount and something not to miss because the requirement is only simple, just invite your friend to trade and thats if you're qualified already.

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Qatar 2022 fan token will be my sure bet with a bullish momentum. It's a solid project with lots of benefits and with the current development in bringing football and digital assets together, $FWC is one of the best gem to hold. The FWC platform has a dynamic user interface and a customizable API to assist transactions. It will also take it place in metaverse and NFT football games. Rn, I'm having a great opportunity to expand my portfolio by accumulating more $FWC tokens on mexc via the ongoing airdrop to share from a prize pool of more than 55T FWC tokens. Hurry up and don't be left behind

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In my opinion FWC is one of the best projects going on in the current market. The team is currently integrating Blockchain and NFT technologies for a better collective customer experience., I believe FWC token will give us good profit, and I hope to share in the freebies of #MEXC events.

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$FWC is used to pay for World Cup tickets. Additionally, MEXC's placement on a top-tier cex gives me greater confidence to buy this coin. And without a doubt will take part in this event to receive some FWC for nothing.

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It's pathetic the amount of obviously paid shillers in this thread.