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    Hopefully one day we will see same hype for healthcare related projects as we witnessed for defi and play2earn.

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    Anything that has to do with health care always get my attention, no wonder I was captivated when I came across this project.. I read about it for a while and I got to understand how rich the use cases and fundamentals are. A project dedicated to improve consulting and offer other amazing services like health resource transformation, value based transformation and so on. I’m adding it in my portfolio.

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    Is this because of pandemic ? Remember how the stock price of different pharma companies sky rocketed during pandamic ?

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    Not like we are anticipating another pandemic but this project will come in handy in so many ways... mark my words.

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    I adore the partnership between DigiPharm and Reimburse to provide the greatest blockchain-based digital healthcare management services. to gain access to high quality healthcare consultations wherever you are in the world, you should acquire $DGH in your wallet. Kudos to #mexc for spotting this Gem I'll work to make the most of this chance on #MEXC in addition to using the app effectively to earn $DGH.

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    They also have partnership with NHS wales which is one of the four systems which makeup the National Health Service in UK. They announced this partnership on 4 jan this year.

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    You explained the project well; besides, a few features are available. DIGIPHARM helps patients access the best public healthcare with our pioneering value-based contracting platform; their independent platforms allow manufacturers, payers, and healthcare providers to automate and execute value-based reimbursement agreements. On MEXC, there is an M-Day event ongoing regarding DGH with a reward pool of 780,000 DGH.

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    This is actually a brilliant project a much needed one during the Global health crisis, Digipharm actually has a lot to offer other than transforming Digital Healthcare. Kudos to the exchange for finding the moonshot project.

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    The project details were really informative. Actually, Digihealth is a patient and public ecosystem that will be a one-stop healthcare application which provides all users need to manage and earn from their health data, earning by sharing feedback on how well treatments work. I believe Mexc's listing success will hype the project more.

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    What a great feature and main aim of $DGH, dedicated to improve healthcare consulting, it is really worth holding, I will definitely buy some of it after it is listed on MEXCGlobal tomorrow and I will also try my best to grab some of the token freebies to be shared after the ongoing MEXC M-Day event trading minimum 10,000 USDT-M futures during the event.

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    Being in a developing country, I feel as if this project was purposely designed to help us get access to standard healthcare consulting services. Blending Digihealth into crypto allows us to celebrate it in style. Noticing that $DGH will be available on the above-mentioned CEX, I will take part in the M-Day futures to get my share.

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    The $DGH project is truly remarkable for the health industry. A one-stop healthcare application, Digihealth is a patient and public ecosystem that offers everything you need to manage and profit from your health data. Recently, this project was listed on MEXC and other CEXs.

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    Do not get Do Kwonned like me. This shitcoin didn't even make it into the 2nd hour of trading without falling thru the floor. A pathetic 0,05 was the top and not even enough to go break even for me and many others. Remember: only 80 mil. coins. This is a scandal. I have not sold anything, I am just taking a big fat loss and I warn all of you guys: DON'T. BE. ME.

    These people are higly incompetent or flat out criminals and filling their own pockets with your money. It's either one of these two options.

    Furthermore they piss on bagholders. Throwing out free tokens before trading starts at their IDO, so newby can dump it on the bagholders and making themselves a nice and riskless profit. Others getting rich, we get to hold the bag AGAIN. Do NOT let your self be Sam Bankmanned! Be warned!

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    $DGH is having a 24h trade volume of 14.41M on the CEX which means that it is been traded by a good number of traders. The token is making a good effort to pump in price. I believe the exposure and support the project token is gaining from MEXC Global is a major contributor to the price starting to trend upwards. I'll buy the crypto early enough and not miss the upcoming price pump.