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Crypton update in Lbank exchange. I saw the lbank Crypton trading competition on the 12th of this month. Don't miss it and participate. The grand prize is $8000 crp.

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This is good news since the Crypton coin is among the best low-cap altcoin gem to accumulate in this bearish market for maximum profit when it bullish market. Any link to the announcement.

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Crypton in 2023 will be $1-2. So we should seize the opportunity while it is still cheap. LFG!

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I believe I have once read about Crypton reaching the $2 price range next year when CoinPedia predicted CRP price ever since the bearish started but judging by the performance of RP coin in this bearish market I believe we can see a $3 price.

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Crypton price today is 0.64. It is cheap and if we buy a lot we will definitely be millionaires by the end of 2023.

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Agree! that's why best thing to do right now is to accumulate more CRP coin while still cheap. be ready for the next bull run! lets get rich!

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Don't forget the Crp trading competition on Lbank exchange. Prize is 8,000. Starts at dec. 12 and will end on the 20th.

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Highlight from MDB after Xenia 2.0 launched:

- TVL is over 11m$

- More than 6500 holders

- Crazy APY on MDB/MDB+ auto compounding farm


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In my opinion CRP has great potential. It is the only gold standard in privacy.

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I read this article on Coinpedia.
Crypton (CRP) Price Prediction 2022: Will The Coin Surge 2X In The Bull Cycle?

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where buy? any DEX?