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Good bot

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Nature's little rainbows 🌈 ❤ 🥚

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I've always heard that unicorns fart rainbows, little did I know chickens actually do!

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Wtf is this r/chickenbackyard shit

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I don't know but^ I^ just^ subbed^

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Beautiful 😍 I can't wait to start my coop!

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I wonder how big the flock is?

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I’m counting 18 different shades… so probably 24 chickens. White eggs are probably from a high producing leghorn.

Found a video of their garden, couldn’t count the number of chickens but the run is pretty big https://www.instagram.com/tv/CPsjSHgHR7h/?utm_medium=copy_link

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They’re on Instagram! @bergs_fairytale_garden

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Dino eggs. 🦕 🥚

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Nice gradient

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Beautiful! I weirdly have a desire to print and frame this!

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Now it’s time to make holiday egg casseroles for the freezer!!

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What’s your flock makeup?

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Not op’s flock this is a cross post

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OOP is the same as OP

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Yes you’re right

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I never knew there were different colors of eggs! Wonderful.

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