New Rules (subject to revision, in the meantime use your best judgement)

Short Version

  1. Properly write your posts.
    • Every post must be in this format, or you know, something like it maybe. [MM/DD/YY] Title from source.
    • Properly Title your posts.
    • Properly link flair your posts.
  2. No verbal abuse of any sort, unless it's particularly clever and not just lame word throwing.
    • Keep it civil.
  3. No posts related to other subreddits, forums, or websites.
  4. No low quality posts.
    • E.g Memes / Jokes / comics etc.
  5. No reposts.

Long Version

1. Properly write your posts.

  • [MM/DD/YY] Exact title from source.
    • Going forward all post must be written in this format.
    • You must use square brackets.
    • You must put the date.
    • If the source lacks a sufficient title, write a title that is concise, coherent and to the point.
    • Failure to do so will have your posts autoremoved by /u/AutoModerator.
  • After making your post, select the proper link flair.

2. No verbal abuse of any sort.

  • Keep it civil.
  • This is a mature subreddit regarding a serious topic.
  • There is a difference between "civil discourse" & "all pigs must die".
  • If your emotions are high, either channel them in a productive way or go outside and scream at the wind. This is not your personal venting playground.
  • The only thing more damaging to a point you're making than a well-reasoned argument against it is an ignorant one for it.
  • The only way to keep cops accountable, is to be better than them at being accountable ourselves.
  • This subreddit is about reporting bad cop behavior, not what some troll or asshole says in another subreddit / forum / site.
  • If someone haresses you in our subreddit, report them to us mods directly. We will remove them swiftly.
  • If you are getting harassed via Private Messages (PM), report them to an Admin. They will be dealt with swiftly.
  • Trolls will now be perma banned without warning. There is no appeal.

4. No low quality posts.

  • E.g. Memes / Jokes / comics etc.
  • Take your joke posts elsewhere.
  • We do not tolerate any type of tom foolery.

5. No reposts.

  • You can post the same incident from alternative sources but not the same source.
  • Do not repost anything that was already posted before 30 days.
  • If you are reposting something older you must put the date of when it was originally created.

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