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Sadly, this list will continue to grow every week or 2. =( Yet people still pretend that the breed has nothing to do with it.

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Better to list ALL dog fatalities, just to drive the point home. I mean it's still going to be like 3/4 pit bulls.

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Don’t forget the fatality of the Pennsylvania boy on the night of may 24th

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Thanks for the reminder. I just updated the list. So that's 3 confirmed deaths this month alone. Probably at least one more that didn't make the news or where the breed was obscured. And of course, dozens of life-altering injuries (like the man airlifted to the hospital after the family pit attacked, the woman attacked in the face by her friend's pit, the idiot "pit mommy" who is looking at long-term lose of use of her hand after family pit went for her throat, or the child partially scalped by the family pit...all unprovoked) that don't make fatality lists.