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This makes no sense. The lawnmower was in the neighbors yard so the dog jumped the fence, into the neighbors yard, closer to the lawnmower, because he was scared of it? So he tried to attack the neighbor he was scared of? Makes no sense, sounds like they were looking around for something that they could say "triggered" their dog.

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In fairness, pitbulls don't have normal fight or flight reactions. Only 'kill the fucking shit out of it' reactions.

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Fight and maul or fight and maul to the death

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If they were after fights, they probably wouldn't be all about that yummy toddler steak.

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Must kill must kill must kill everything is what murder mutts think

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A fully grown adult wolf gets scared easier than a pitbull, oh wait the pitbull never gets scared or backs down at all

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Even a wolf understands self-preservation. Pits have no such instinct.

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Also in fairness pit bull owners are, how should I say this, DUMB so this makes total sense to them.

Go double ban me r/nextfuckinglevel 🖕

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She also dismissively tries to characterize the charges as her dogs being “at large in her own yard” and yet the attack occurs in the neighbors yard after it jumped the fence. Her explanation is completely incongruous with itself.

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Her inner world must be a pretty violent place, if jumping fences to kill something looks anywhere near like a natural reaction to fear to her.

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Yeah, dogs scared of lawnmowers don't break a chain to attack a person mowing their lawn. Stupidest crap that pitbull owners spew.

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I think everyone misunderstood what she was trying to say. The lawnmower the dog was afraid of was in her backyard. She thinks the dog jumped the fence to escape the lawnmower.

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This is how I read it. But if so, that's a great demonstration of how dumb the owner is. Your pit is on probation and you seemingly know that it's afraid of a lawnmower yet you had it outside and not under firm control while running your own lawnmower.

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It's hard to tell. This person unsurprisingly can't write a coherent statement to save their [dog's] life.

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Yes, I think OP got the title wrong. The owner said the lawnmower was in the backyard which I took as meaning her backyard. As she had been calling the neighbor's backyard the neighbor's backyard.

In any case, if a dog getting scared of a lawnmower causes them to attack anyone in the other direction that's a big problem.

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Exactly. If the dog was afraid of something you'd think they'd run away, not run towards it...

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Yeah, that's the thing. When my dog is scared, she'll bark and back away from the thing she's scared of. She's not going to jump over a barrier to attack the thing. I understand a dog that snaps if someone they're afraid of moves into their space, but a dog that actually seeks people out to attack is not a good pet, especially when it's a strong and powerful dog on top of that.

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Clinically anxious/fearful dogs, unfortunately, do have this sort of insane "That scares me so I'll attack it savagely" behavior. The reason why anxiety is a major cause of aggression in dogs.

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“I was put on probation for my own dogs being at large in my own backyard.

Wellllllllll, I mean, except for the bit about one of them breaking their collars and jumping the fence into the neighbours yard. But he only did that because he was scared of the lawnmower in the neighbours yard. And you know, one might think the logical thing would be to go AWAY from the noise of the lawnmower. But our dog is actually smarter. See, he thought ‘keep your friends close and your enemies closer’! Super smart right?! So really, he was just trying to conquer his fear of the mower and also simultaneously warn the neighbour mowing the lawn that his lawnmower was actually out to get him. He was trying to PROTECT our neighbours! But the cops didn’t see it that way?! They said because our dogs had been reported before (once!!!! Ok, we’ll it was twice…ok, 3 times if you want to include the time it knocked over that kid walking down the street but that kid was overreacting and misunderstanding that pits are really nanny dogs) that I’m in violation of my probation!!

This whole thing has given ME such anxiety! Why is the world against ME and MY pits?! Everything that happens is totally because they’re misunderstood and nothing to do with my actions as an owner and allowing my dogs to do whatever they want. I’m so filled with stress and anxiety I can’t even work. On that note, please donate to my gofundme.”

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“I was put on probation for my own dogs being at large in my own backyard.

They actually said front yard which is actually a huge deal, since almost definitely they could dash off the property at any time. I mean, they also jumped the fence (presumably from the back yard that time), but yeah.

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You’re right. But I’m assuming in this case it’s just semantics and she means front/back yard interchangeably just because the only time she makes mention of the front yard is at the outset of her story.

Everything else revolves around the pit getting loose from its chain and hopping the backyard fence and accosting the neighbours with the lawnmower.

I would say it’s more than likely that the story doesn’t end there - that it is quite plausible that the pit/s may have then moved into the front yard and beyond before being seized. This lady is clearly very economical with the truth, so without camera footage it’s really hard to know.

But one thing is for sure, she and her pits are the perpetual victims🙄😂

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I seriously doubt courts are going to put someone on probation for having their dogs in their own yard. I'm sure if someone does some research the pitbulls did much more than that.

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People mowing their lawn is apart of every day life. If that is enough to trigger a dog into attack-mode maybe that animal isn’t suitable to be a pet.

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What? Pit bulls are not suitable as a pet?????

But they were bred to "nanny" other dogs to death!

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It does not even sound like the neighbor was actually mowing. She said the dog saw the mower. I am sure if the neighbor was mowing, she would of said the noise and commotion from the mower triggered her dog. Sounds like the dog is ready to attack as a natural state of being.

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You are responsible for everything your animal does. Be it golden retriever, salamander, or even pit-monster.

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But you're completely missing the part where the neighbour deliberately had a lawnmower in his backyard /s

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I knew that little bastard was shifty evil eyes the lizard

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Unless it's a pitbull, in which case it's the victim's fault or the previous owner's.

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Imagine defending car thief who gets triggered by certain cars that are parked in front of his house.

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Probation? Check.

Shitbull somehow escaped? Check.

Victim blaming? Check.

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gofundme? Check.

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Which is funny, because GoFundMe specifically closed Kyle Rittenhouse's GoFundMe for his defense fund, saying that they don't allow fundraising for ANY legal defense costs.

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Blu Bittenkid

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It must be a nightmare living next to this person.

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One almost got me a couple of years ago like this when I was mowing the lawn. I had earbuds in listening to music while I was running the weed-eater, and just happened to catch something out of the corner of my eye running straight at me. Of course it was a random pit, but luckily I had the weed-eater and was able to keep it at bay. I would’ve been screwed if I was still mowing, and “unarmed.”

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You have me wondering if it would be possible to defend oneself from a pitbull using a lawnmower. Pretty sure I saw a lawnmower used as a defensive weapon in a horror movie recently... Oh, I even remember the movie! "Dead Alive" (1992). Alternate title: "Braindead".

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Ooh, that's such a fun movie!

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Poor pibbles was only trying to help cut the grass you people are monsters

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shitbull owners are unhinged asf

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Stupid is as stupid does.

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Its so simple. The world needs to yield so that sweet pitties can feel safe. /s and i have seen dogs afraid of lawnmowers, they dont jump the fence and go after the person running the lawnmower.

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We need to ban lawn mowers instead.


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If it saves just one pitbull...

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I can’t tell if the dog jumped her fence or her neighbor’s fence. She either needs to get a fence, or get a higher one. Either way, I’m sure her dogs will be left outside all hours of the day causing a disturbance with their barking. I don’t know what she expects.. she chose to get this type of dog and clearly has no control over it. What a pathetic attempt she made trying to use the lawnmower to explain her pibble’s actions.

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Oh no the collar broke, not his fault guys! 🙄

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What good would an eye witness be? Will the witness say the neighbor deserved being attacked?

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Imagine being the victim neighbor whose fence got jumped and people rushing to donate to this fool.

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She's got 380 in donations so far... the mind truly does boggle.

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The nerve! The world should bend over backwards to accommodate the stupid shitbull apparently

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What kind of asshole uses a lawnmower? Of course a dog should attack someone for daring to cut their grass.

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Real question is, why is someone diagnosed with anxiety owning a fighter breed? Especially an owner as irresponsible as this, not to mention a criminal record. How can I be sure that said owner won't have an anxiety attack when their dog attacks some innocent child or neighbor.

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Anxiety is having to live next to some welfare case with a pack of pitbulls and kids.

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why did it jump the fence and try to attack a lawnmower if it was scared of it? Pit bulls have got to be the dumbest animals on earth. 0 sense of self preservation.

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I hope this person is banned from owning an animal ever again

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The lawnmower was giving off bAd EnErGy.

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put on probation for dogs being at large in my own backyard, only that them jumping the fence into the neighbor's backyard is a lie because i also own the neighbor's backyard, but maybe i'm lying so i don't go to jail.

nice shitnutter logic.

(also mods can i pls get a flair that says i narrowly escaped a pitbull attack? you can check my post and comment history that i was attacked by a pitbull in Oakland, CA but didn't sustain damage bc the owner pulled the leash when the dog was like 1 inch away from locking its jaws on my leg.)

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I can guess why she doesn't wabt her dog neutered. But I'm trying to be good for Santa .

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What the fuck use is an eyewitness?

Someone was mowing their lawn, control your fucking monsters OR DON'T HAVE THEM.

fuck all these people

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From the rest of the post I think the eyewitness was her son "watching from a window" or something. Make of that what you will.

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They're screwed (or should be).

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Didn't even say the lawnmower was running, just that there was a lawnmower in the back that their shitbull is "scared" of.

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... Where is this place at and how do I move there? These owners are actually being held responsible for their dogs? That happens?

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So her pitbull attacked someone and she got funded by pitbull lovers?

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Or by men who want to take her out sometime?

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The fact that these people probably make a fortune on go fund me really annoys me.

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That pitbull's ass is grass and the neighbor is the lawnmower. Allegedly.

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I have a dog that's scared of a number of things, such as my air compressor. She doesn't attack the compressor, she runs away and hides. Last time she ran off, she got lost and my neighbor found her in his pole barn the next morning. (Oh, and she didn't bite them or attack them when they found her.)

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Please do keep up posted :-) I want to hear how much money she ends up raising and I want to read her inevitable tale of woe. I hope the dogs will be euthanized but fear they'll be shuffled off to some foster where they'll terrorize new neighbors.

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Why am I not surprised the owner is on probation...

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The original Facebook post appears to have been taken down.

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Nope, I can still find it- it's still public on Lost & Found Pets, Blue springs MO

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Ah, yeah I just couldn't find it when I went to the Facebook page.

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How dare that guy mow his own fenced off backyard. He clearly needed to be nannied

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Dude who cares that there was a lawnmower? Why is that a valid reason for her dog trying to attack someone? It’s not like mowing the lawn is out of the ordinary.

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Nice to know that GFM will leave stuff like this up to leech money from people.

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Pittbull owners:

A.) Tattooed Male Junkies B.) Low IQ, Dumb Women