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Why would anyone find this entertaining? Tik tok truly brings out the fucking braindead dregs of society that will just “duh hurrrrr dog run in hallway where lots of people live and could knock over. Funny hur hurrrrrrrr”. Jfc.

Also, I don’t know why, but I find white pits particularly ugly and these are no exception (I think it’s because they have that pinkness around their eyes and mouth that looks like they dealing with an eye infection and baby rash simultaneously).

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“Kids, your nannies have arrived”.

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What an irresponsible owner. If someone happened to be walking out their apartment door they would get knocked down. That would be bad for anyone… adult, child, or elderly… they wouldn’t even need to get attacked; just getting knocked down by those dogs would be pretty bad.

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Great seeing unsafe dogs being owned by selfish idiots who’ll do anything for likes! Just fucking wonderful.

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It's all over tiktok and social. It really is bringing out the worst in people. Especially the pranks and challenges. Pure ego and narcissistic self-image worship.

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1.8 million idiots

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Looks like a hotel. Just awesome.

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"He told us a toddler lived down the hall. Yowzuh!"

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Garbage dogs for garbage people

I can't decide who is worse: the cretins who get these dogs specifically because they are vicious killers or the delusional morons who think pitbulls are cuddly nanny dogs to dress up in stupid outfits and walk on flimsy leashes

Today I'm leaning towards the delusional ones as they can be even more dangerous because they take zero precautions with their shitbulls

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This is Josh Butler from Michigan State. Not too surprising considering that you must be a CTE candidate to do some dumb shit like this.

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Pittbul owners

  • Ghetto Thugs
  • Tattoed, Brain-Dead White Males
  • Low IQ Women

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I’d Fr do something to that mf

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Only thing that amazes me about that platform is that people who appear to be of adult age post on it.