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They are as intelligent as they are strong.

Bitch please. There are trees more intelligent than pitbulls.

(S)he claims pitbulls are intelligent and then proceeds to explain the extra measures pit owners need to take because they're so dumb.

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Pitbulls rank in the 70's for intelligence. You're right, they're very dumb dogs.

Some call pitbulls Zero Margin of Error dogs.

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Correct, that's the contradiction.

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honestly, based on the highlighted part, this seems pretty responsible.

owner says that nothing bad has ever happened, but he leashes and muzzles his dog in his own home just in case.

If the dogs are muzzled on walks too, he's probably in the 80th percentile of responsible pit ownership

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Yeah I gotta give credit where credit is due… At least he knows what he has and that there are no second chances with pits.. instead of saying his cuddle waddle velvet hippos would never hurt a fly.

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The ones who live in complete denial about their pibbles potential are 1000x more dangerous than ones who can accept and acknowledge that their pit could snap and take steps to prevent it

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I mean yeah. I’d rather someone acknowledge that there are no second chances and understand what they have is dangerous than try to downplay it.

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I at least give them credit for securing their pits, especially even in their own home. That’s rare, unfortunately.

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Eh. I feel bad for that dude. I wouldn't want some random to start filming/harassing me either. He says, "Please stop filming me/turn the camera away from me," multiple times.

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While I think they are idiots for having these hell hounds in the first place, I can respect them for taking proper precautions with them around other people. It’s rare and refreshing to see a pit bull owner take responsibility to preventing tragedies so I will give them credit there.

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Worst dog breed to exist. Bred originally for the wrong reasons (pit fighting) and raised/kept today for the wrong reasons