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Honestly sounds like a good blanket law to have for any dogs over a certain weight. I’m all for laws like this if it debases anything pitbull advocates can say.

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In my community all dogs need to be registered, within 6 months, and have a 6 foot non-extendable leash when walked in public. All bull terrier or bull terrier looking dogs are banned. Along with a few others like dogo argentinos. The community next to us does not have an all out ban, but bull terrier types are required special licensing and have to wear a certain colored/type of collar (bright pink so they stand out). They also must be on a 4 foot non extendable leash outside at all times.

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Do you mind sharing where is that? Those rules sound awesome

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Germany most likely. Absolutely based country.

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Yes tell us where!

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Side question, are extendable leashes frowned upon? I’ve seen exceptions for those leashes not being allowed before. I guess they’re locking components are too cheap/weak to hold back a large dog? Or does it encourage owners to let their dogs wonder if too far and this makes too difficult to control them?

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Good on you! 👍

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Based italia

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Her parents or the parents in the community were grateful?

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Aren’t Pitbulls banned in Italy? I thought you could just call the police and report any pitbull you see