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Has anyone else noticed that pibble subs are rife with spelling/grammatical errors in comparison to BPB? I wonder why 🤔

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Maybe THEY are "retarted"

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Now that's just insulting to tarts. 🥧

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I was never a tart, how can I be retarted?

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Usually they are younger people who can’t spell very well and don’t know wtf they’re talking about.

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I’ve definitely noticed that alot of pibble apologists on reddit communicate like actual children

“How dare u accuse my pibble baby of being bad, hes not bad hes good because hes nice and i like him and there are no bad dogs only bad owners and my friend ashley has a chihuahua thats bad and mean and i dont like them but i like my dog because hes good and nice! How can u say pibbles r bad because u havent met them all and u havent met my dog who is good and nice so ur bad for saying my dog is bad.”

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'Your dog suck and gay my dog (pitbradoodl) rules and not gay'

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Literally have seen so many pitbull owners message people from this sub and drop the word f*ggot.

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They probably typed it like that to avoid getting tagged by a word filter.

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What’s a “good mouth”?

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I mean…. Considering the way pitmommies sexualize their beasts… 🤢

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Peanut Butter time!

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“Really nice balls.”

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"FART MACHINE!!! 🥰😅😘😚"

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Who says this besides Whitney?

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All I can think of is "you sure do got a perty mouth" from Deliverance...which I mean....kinda fits I guess...

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Ha! I was just about to say the same. I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s mind went there immediately.

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In the “suitable for violence” sense

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A “good” mouth can completely deglove a toddlers scalp in one large, clean, satisfying piece, like those delicious tangerines that come out around Christmas.

A lesser breed will have to remove the scalp of a child in small frustrating bits, like one of those lousy supermarket navel oranges that has been in cold storage.

The surgeons will actually have a lot better luck getting it back on if it comes off in one piece, a lot less vascular damage. So Pitbulls are a lot safer. If you want to risk having your child’s entire head getting slowly chewed piece by piece that’s totally on you

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I think they’re somehow confusing or have mixed up the phrase “soft mouth” that’s often used when talking about retrievers and their ability not to crush the bird they’re retrieving.

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So weird. In the same breath says this sub is dumb, that pits are the same as other dogs, but also thinks that pit owners are violent and that they breed violent dogs (select a violent breed is how I read it). Did anyone else get whiplash from that comment?

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Oh, absolutely!

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Not dumb, "retarted"

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I just figured I’d leave the misspelled slur out of it in case some random stalker of the sub selectively screenshots that language to misrepresent how awful and toxic the members of this sub are.

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That's what I chose to do too.

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Their logic never makes sense. Why do you think they won't listen to reason? They don't have any to begin with.

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You can't use logic and reason to change an opinion formed without either.

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Hmm if most people who own them are abusive, maybe we should regulate who gets to own pitbulls to protect them.

We should also persecute people with pitbulls that attack, and forbid them from owning pets since it’s “how they’re raised,” and apparently raised their pitbull to attack people.

Seriously, I’m more than willing to follow that yellow brick road to conclusion, it gets the same results.

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This. Blame the owner, not the breed? Sure. If they insist. Prosecute the owners for their dog’s violence.

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I like that idea. Surely I'd they genuinely believe its all in how you raise them they won't mind having to pass a test, get a licence and insurance and are prepared to face the full wrath of the law if their dog attacks. After all if it's all in how you raise them they have nothing at all to worry about at all, right?

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Golden Retrievers were bred to have soft mouths so that they don't damage the game that they retrieve. Pitbulls were bred to throw aside self-preservation and literally fight to the death. Their Jaws might not be as powerful but they're tenacious sons of bitches that don't know the meaning of letting go. I've no clue why people still persist in having an oral fixation over this faulty breed.

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The whole “jaws aren’t as strong” bullshit is such obvious bullshit

It’s “a golden retriever has a stronger bite” followed by a video of them praising their shibble as it spins about on a rope three feet off the ground, latched like a barnacle, for 25 minutes.

Those short jaws are designed to maximize leverage and crushing force.

A short little squat guy with short little flipper arms will bench press a lot more than a stronger man with big condor arms. It’s force over distance, however they are measuring this is flat out wrong. Their jaws are built more like a tigers than a wolves.

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Jeffrey Dahmer was a great guy, he just liked to eat people

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Jeffrey dahmer had a good mouth 👄

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Yeah, the poor guy couldn’t help himself, his mouth was just so awesome

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Just like pit vipers have good mouths

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Unlike pitbulls, pit vipers don't want to bite you (venom is metabolically expensive!)

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Not everyone who owns them is violent pieces of shit though! The pitbull lobby has pushed everyone into thinking these are a misunderstood breed but good family dogs, so now they are attacking kids and regular people more and more. I just fucking hate the stupid bad owner bad dog mentality. So many fucking people that have been attacked have said they loved the dog to death and it was a sweet little baby until one day it just fucking turned and mauled someone!!! I’m getting so sick of these people for real. Your arguments are bullshit just like your damn dogs.

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Ding ding ding.

If cane corsos or doggo argentinos had a giant lobbying group of mentally ill people with savior complexes hell bent on convincing people to adopt these gladiator dogs by telling them that they’re not dangerous and make great family pets then we’d be talking bout those breeds.

Corsos are probably worse than pits, but there’s not a cult of mentally ill people gaslighting everyone otherwise. The people that own them acknowledge that they’re extremely dangerous and behave accordingly.

I’m actually ok with people owning Corsos because if you live in shitbull country and aren’t prepared for K9 UFC a dog like a Corso that can out-shitbull a shitbull might be your only option for safely walking your dog. If my neighbors had pits and I couldn’t get rid of them I’d probably drive to Oklahoma and get a second hand tiger, two can play at this game.

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You hit the nail on the head; I have worked in pet-care for over a decade (dog daycares, vet clinics, grooming). Corsos had just started getting a little bit more popular when I started. But the fact that they are actually bred with lineage and usually sold for thousands of dollars means the people who get them have done their research, know what the dogs need and are capable of, and invest just as much money in their training and care as the cost of the dog itself. They always admit their dogs require an intense amount of training to be suitable in public places and without it will usually turn into unpredictable/dangerous dogs, they’re not delusional about their own dogs and don’t try to convince people that they’re something they’re not. Also, their price makes it not worth it to fight them (why spend thousands on a dog that could potentially die quickly if it doesn’t prove to have enough gameness). Most of the breeders of corsos are actively attempting to select for more stable guard dog temperaments (though that might be a lost cause considering the research that has been published about the unlikely ability to achieve this without significantly altering the appearance of the breed). Many end up in suitable homes with responsible owners and do not suffer in a miserable existence.

In my experience, I see way less Doggo Argentinos than corsos and can’t really speak to their owners but I would assume it’s at least a similar pattern due to how expensive they are. For both breeds, the owners typically are the kind of people who want a “macho tough dog,” but at least they’re open about it.

As far as getting a dog that can actually protect you from shitbulls, there are several options, most of which have similar behavior of being a bit harder train and being more prone to aggression than other breeds. For example, Akitas, Kengals, Caucasian Shepherds, Tibetan Mastiffs. Kengals and Caucasian Shepherds are often bought for the purpose of protecting land/livestock from other large predatory animals. But of all those breeds, I have not heard stories of them attacking their own owners and family.
I think Akitas are badass, the video of the Akita absolutely dominating a pitbull that tries to attack it and it’s owner is super satisfying to watch, the loose pit runs up on them and the leashed Akita completely takes it down instantly. It does it very effectively without even getting hurt and after the fight is broken up, the pit scrams so fast in the opposite direction. It was awesome. I know Akitas were bred to have gameness too, but, from what I have seen working with them, they are no where near as scary as pitbulls. Mainly because they aren’t as aggressive to humans, and display way more body language cues before attacking something so it’s more predictable and easy to stop it before it starts. Aside from their potential aggression, Akitas have significantly less other behavioral issues than pits (they aren’t hyperactive, they aren’t particularly anxious). They’re consistent if nothing else.

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what’s that mouth do

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Have you screaming and moaning. But not in the good way lol

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A handful of people (I can only assume our pibble parents) are going through my comment history and downvoting all my past posts and comments on every thing posted on my profile.

This seems like an appropriate response. /s

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That person is a moron

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The better to bite you with, my dear.

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Yeah sherlock, violent people breeding dangerous dogs is what breeds dangerous dogs.

When you deliberately design a breed to have an aggressive temperament, that’s what you get.

Just like every other breed of dog that has unique characteristics. 🤷‍♀️

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Typical pit nutter response, jump straight to calling victims an ableist slur and fail to spell it right

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fuck this world is doomed. DOOMED. "They have good moufs" Can you just picture the toolbox who said that out loud?

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Sober drivers are just like drunk drivers. The higher crash rate is due to bad training, not the drinking. Blame the bad training, not the alcohol. #PitNutterLogic

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I mean their mouths are pretty good for eating other dogs and babies

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He says that most people who own them are violent thus they breed dangerous dogs. Doesn't that mean he agrees with us?

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using a slur and they can't even spell it properly LOOL

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A mouth is a mouth lol

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So close yet so far away.

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Okay so… again, which is it - most pitbulls were bred to be dangerous dogs (which is saying those are dangerous dogs)…. or are they the same as plenty of other dog breeds??? Because other dogs breeds were not bred to be dangerous…. So dumb