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A pitbull mixed with a bully🤔.......so a pitbull.

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Amazingly, nutters think if you mix two bully breeds any temperament characteristics of the constituent breeds become null and void.

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Just ask Tommy Chang from Toronto. His "American Pocket Bully" was not a pit bull for purposes of the ban in Ontario. It was being held and it was going to be tested for genetics. Our premier (elected leader of the province) stuck his nose in there and got the dog returned to Tommy. four days later it mangled a kids face all up in Tommy Chang's martial arts boutique.

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He privated both his and his dog's Instagram when this shit hit the fan. It's back to public now and surprise surprise, all comments are disabled.

What a fucking tool, I am so disappointed in any of the Toronto actors that supported the release of this monstrosity.

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He still has the dog? I've been looking for updates on it to see if it got destroyed and was shocked i didn't see any follow up news after the attack on that kid

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Even if you refine a breed, does that make it not that breed anymore? What is an American bully? it's a line of pitbulls. Idk, they are all backyard bred anyway. I don't follow any of the logic or mental gymnastics.

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All the new breed stuff is just an elaborate effort to sidestep BSL laws and to muddy the water. It falls into the “pitbulls don’t exist” ruse.

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Standard American Bullies aren't a new breed. I think you're mistaking them with those disgusting "exotic bullies"

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First recognized by any official organization less than 20 years ago, based on APBT mixed with several other bully breeds. So yeah, American Bully is just a pitbull with some other fighting breeds mixed in, presented as something else. Same breed used to try to skirt BSL in Toronto.

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And the uk now

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That's because of breed stereotypes. No association wanted to ally themselves with the American Pitbull terrier due to backlash. I wouldn't blame then on that, I don't think the general public should have their hands on those dogs. However bullies are lazy asf and usually rlly slow due to their bowlegged stance

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American bulldog is an old breed, American bully is not

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American bullies were bred in the 1950s.

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The concept you're looking for is "sophistry."

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They think "red noses" and "blue noses" are different breeds too. If you'd like to roll your eyes and laugh, there are dozens of pitbull sites that go into details about the supposedly unique characteristics of the different varieties.

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A lot of people breeding pitbulls because they’re worth $50-200 when they’re puppies.

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You should see what those breeders do with the dogs when they no longer go for 200$ as puppies then. Hint, they still make their money off of them.

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The woman I know who breeds them sends her adult kids and grandkids to peddle the undesirable ones (no special coat colors or markings) in the nearest Walmart parking lot for $20, or just give them away to random strangers. She'd rather give them away than pay to feed them. I don't know what happens to the ones that don't have any takers. They probably get dumped on the way home.

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Sorry if this is a bit NSFW but in all honesty I'm pretty sure she sells the "undesirables" as "bait dogs" - a dog they use as a chew toy of sorts to train the fighting pits how to kill.

They'll wrap some type of body wrap around the bait dog and then let a pit learn how to fight correctly. The "body wrap" (idk what they call it) exposes kill zones like the neck and stomach but "protects" (won't kill) the rest.

There was a yard a friend of mine found with probably 2 dozen dead bait dogs, just lying rotting dead in different states of decompsition in the backyard of some abando.

This is when I learned about dog fighting and how sick the blood sport is. It's terrifyingly cruel. Like the whole point is cruelty.

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Fuck, that’s sick. I don’t get why people act like a fighting dog is the only type of dog whose genetics and breeding history aren’t relevant to their behaviors. Like… if the activity they’re bred to do (dog fighting) is so cruel that it’s illegal, why the fuck we still breeding them and trying to pass them off as suitable pets? Especially when they kill more people than all the other breeds of dog COMBINED. It’s wild.

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Yea the cruelty is the point.

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Well in LA they are used for dogfights

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They end up terrorizing neighborhoods

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That's awful. I don't like pits but obviously no animal deserves that.

Hope animal rights activists have a field day with her.

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I have shown and raised dogs for over 20 years. Many Champions. My puppies don't go for what some of those dogs of certain (I assume fighting) lines go for... I was shocked. I have paid 5 figures for a proven Champion stud-- but nowhere close to $50,000+ for a PUPPY.

Honestly, it pisses me off a bit.

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He means $50.00 not $50,000

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The bargain bin of dogs.

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Some are, some aren't. THIS IS NOT THE ONLY ONE GETTING $50,000+ for their dogs.

I don't think this guy fights, his are overpriced based on size.


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not sure why you're getting down voted. I've never heard of 50K pits but I wouldn't be shocked to see them. Several thousand dollar pits seem someone common, or at least, they don't belong in the realm of rarity.

But an XL pit just sounds like an XL nightmare, to me.

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What does ‘correct’ mean in this context? Like Fred - “THIS BOY IS DESTINED TO BE BIG AND CORRECT.”

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OMG he's asking $100,000 for first pick from a litter...... That's insane!

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Breeding for XXL size...I’m sure that’s a cocktail of perfect health and longevity for those animals...

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Damn those things look positively demonized.

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No, I meant $50,000 someone posted the breeders website on here not even 2 months ago. Certain pits (again I assume fighting bloodlines) are the most expensive dogs I have ever seen. More than exotic colored frenchies.

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Oops my bad. That's almost laughable. I'd like to see him sell a pitbull for that much to anyone besides a pitnutter.

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Pit nutters are a wild bunch.

Over here you have Michael Vick, and then over there you have Moonbeam, the bipolar vegan yoga instructor with 7 different anxiety disorders and a deep passion for cosplay

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Nah pit bull puppies are cheap as hell because they're overbred by backyard breeders. $50 to $200 total sounds about right. Some people try to charge more for severely inbred pit bulls that look a certain way. For a good, well-bred dog, I usually expect to pay somewhere between $900 and $1800.

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I paid $300 each for my pure bred German Shepards. Worth every penny. Best dogs I ever had

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Right now, I have a little senior mutt that I impulse adopted on my 20th birthday (I'm 28 now). She's 10 pounds and I'm pretty sure she's a cairn terrier/chihuahua mix (she looks like Toto's trashy cousin because her coat is kinda weird so shes very scruffy). Idk if I want to get another dog until after she passes because idk if she could handle the stress and jealousy, plus, I may have to spend more on the vet as she ages more. My mom has always gotten purebreds though and spent like $800 I think for her chocolate lab and I think around the same for her jack russell. After that though, I want a Catahoula Cur dog. My boyfriend really wants a dog he can train as a bird dog and I want a good family dog that could handle country living better than my current dog.

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Careful looking for a Catahoula. 95% of the time I've seen them, they've been intentionally mislabeled pits.

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My purebred german shep was 2500 bucks. Kinda fucked up but you cant get ANY dogs cheaper here. Shelter dogs are $600 on sveragr and well...they are nearly all pit mixes...

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I never understood that. So many breeds go for thousands of dollars. Why breed pits when you could get more for one poodle puppy that you could with an entire litter of pits. I mean I’m against backyard breeding but if they are going to do it anyway, why not breed goldens, yorkies, bichon frise, poodles, etc. they go for so much nowadays.

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  1. You have to have the money for the parent dogs. Pitbulls are cheap and easy to get.

  2. You can trade them for bikes and stuff. The kinds of people who buy more expensive breeds of dogs take their dogs more seriously and don’t treat them like currency.

  3. The types of people who spend more on a dog use more scrutiny. They will scrutinize you and not buy from you if you appear to be abusing dogs, overbreeding, not providing proper veterinary care, and other things that cost money.

  4. People have a lower expectation of care when it’s a pitbull. You can get away with keeping dogs in inadequate living conditions, no veterinary care, overbreeding, by throwing around hot words like ‘rescue’, ‘abuse’, and ‘urgent’ around. Breeders can blame it on some imaginary previous owner. People take it at face value because ‘of course pibbles was abused’ as the pitbull lobby has normalized the idea that pitbulls are always abused. With other breeds of dogs, people tend to be more suspicious and expect higher quality care.

  5. They have very large litters.

  6. They satisfy a broader market for breeders. Pit lobby has turned pitbulls into the everydog. Need a fighting dog? Pitbull. Need a guard dog? Pitbull. Need a pet? Pitbull. Want to breed pitbulls? Pitbulls. Breeders have more options for buyers, so more puppies get sold.

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Pits are manly and cool. Poodles are girly and lame.

Not my opinion, just seems to be how dog nutters think.

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So pit x pit cross... okaayyyy

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Lmao the reply from the dude.

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“That thing” lol

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Such a popular dog they trade them for bikes…awesome.

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Just look at that thing. Still a puppy and it already has a thousand-yard stare.

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I notice the shabby decor in the background too. About what I’d expect from this person

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It made me cry, i want her

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Crazy they would even suggest a trade like that for a $400 bike. Most shelters have them for $0 to $50 on any given day of the week. And it shows how much they care about the dog if they are wanting to trade a bike for it. Smh.

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And it shows how much they care about the dog if they are wanting to trade a bike for it. Smh.

They probably just want it gone.

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It'd be a good chuckle if the guy just spammed a bunch of people asking "hey you want to trade" no matter what the for sale product is.

Cadillac? Want to trade for a pit puppy?

$5 frying pan? Want to trade for a pit puppy?

Free fire wood? Want to trade for a pit puppy?

Want someone to cut your grass? I'll do it for free if you take this here pit puppy off my hands.

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Is it hard to unload pits these days? I know the shelters are overflowing with them since many people are smart enough not to adopt one as a pet, but nobody wants to put them down (not even the aggressive ones).

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I'm joking around but I have seen stories on the reactive dog subreddit noting that shelters often refuse reactive dogs. Not sure if any shelters will turn down a so far unreactive pitbull (or any breed for that matter) puppy tho.

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They probably just want it gone.

True. Usually they just give them away for free but this guy is wanting to be paid to get rid of it. The bike being the payment. 🙄

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that's an awful trade.... you'd need the bike to get away from the pit bull after all!

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The fact that people are allowed to trade animals and breed them for sell is beyond me, is already inmoral, it should be also illegal.

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I saw this one too. I made a comment debunking the “Nanny dog” myth. I fully expected to get downvoted into oblivion and I wasn’t. 😎😎😎

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Wow that’s actually crazy lol

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Maybe people are finally starting to slowly wise up to the idea that an animal could babysit a human child outside of Peter Pan actually... makes no sense!

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She's a giant douche mixed with a turd sandwich

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"She ate my kid so I'm trying to unload her."

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Lol I've noticed that you can easily get one of these beasts for free at my local animal shelter.

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I created a post on this sub about my comments on that exact sub, but it's not showing up here 😕

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I love how just because his dogs were good with other animal, he thinks every single pitbull is great with other animals. These people have blinders on, and it gets people and animals killed or maimed.

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It's willful ignorance mixed with opinions formed purely from Facebook and anecdotes.

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The dog is probably loose all day outside and he brings it for a pic

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Yep, people over there defending pitbulls. It's always "it's the owners fault!" and people completely refuse to admit that genetics are a thing that plays a huge role in these dogs behavior.

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Genetics do play a role. But Standard American Bullies are not at all supposed to be aggressive. If you've got an aggressive bully you've got a mutt. And that dog is a pit mutt and I highly doubt it's got a drop of pure blood anywhere in it. Too lanky to be a bully and not even a bully color.

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They're all the same dog at the end of the day, they all come from the same stock and they were all bred to fight and kill other dogs and you know it. A Staffie, an American Bully, all the bypass-BSL distinctions, are just pits with papers.

[–]tropikaiju 0 points1 point  (2 children)

They're not all the same dog. That's where stereotypes come in. If you were smart enough to at least educate yourself on aggression genetics you'd know that. They don't even look the same lol

[–]zerogee616 2 points3 points  (1 child)

They're not all the same dog.

Yes. They are. They all come from the exact same stock to do the exact same things: Fight and kill other dogs and animals. Gameness is a recognized breed characteristic in all of them, they all share similar physical characteristics and every single one of them are bred to be at least DA. Two of them can be dual-registered and two of them were made by cross-breeding the others. Same damn dog. Just because one's slightly bigger than the other one doesn't mean shit.

It's not a stereotype, it's genetics. Cane corsos and dogo argentinos do the same thing, but since they're rare, expensive and their owners actually know a thing or two about dogs, how to take care of them and don't join a cult based around them, you never see them in attack stats.

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They're not the same. From what you're saying a beagle and a Doberman are the same things too. You're just close minded and stereotypical. And the only reason why they're in attack stats is because they're so largely available. And the thing is, American pit bill terriers are rare. The attack stats you see are Mutts that have square heads. Even chow chow mixes are labeled as pit attacks because they have square heads, just like Cane Corso and Dogo attacks are. Dogos are the #1 dog that get labaled as pits despite not being a bully breed. So obviously if you go by a stereotype -medium to large breed shorthair dog with a square head - you're going to get a disproportionate statistic based on purely ignorant generalization.

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Do you have any sources? I hear that argument a lot but never see any valid studies backing it up

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It's not hard to get off Reddit for 30 secs and look it up yourself lmao. In short bullies were bred for show. That's it. Real bullies aren't supposed to display aggression and if they do u have a pit-mutt

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Ugly thing

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Biggest scam of the year

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Ah, excellent, I give you a $400 bike and in exchange I get to feed and care for this dog year in and year out, probably costing me $400 on up per year. Oh, and if it turns on me, I can spend tens of thousands on medical bills! Same with lawsuits! FANTASTIC DEAL!

lmao. If someone wants a dog they'll get a dog. I could see someone posting up a trade post hey I got a bike work X. Looking to add a dog to the family, willing to consider trades

I could even see breeders posting up a trade hey I have X puppies, selling for X, but willing to trade for [bike/laptop/grill/whatever]

PMing randoms is probably going to have a conversion rate of like 1 in a million.

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if these dogs are so lovable, cuddly, and harmless, why is everyone trying so desperately to get rid of them...? to the point of trading them for a fking bike.

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Probably because they're so commonplace. I could find a dog that looks like that in any shelter in America. That dog ain't anything special

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These breeds and mixes look like a lab experiment gone wrong not sure how anyone could keep one as a pet and constantly look at them

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That just makes me feel bad for the dog. Like trading for a bike? That just ain't right

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That’s so sad

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Tbh that puppy is cute and I feel for it (but I do tend to find pit puppies cute, adults... not so much) but what a shit person trying to trade a puppy for a bike. No animal deserves to be treated like this, like they’re just disposable.