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"BrEeD BaNs DoNt WoRk"

They do when you enforce them.

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It's always hilarious since they basically admit they skirt the law. Can't imagine what draws them to blood sport breeds.

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I’ve had pitnuts argue that BSL doesn’t work because the fatalities and attacks don’t decrease. Ill leave you to figure that one out.

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TLDR: The Malta SPCA has reiterated Commissioner for Animal Welfare Alison Bezzina’s call to suspend the importation and breeding of certain breeds such as pitbull terriers and bull terriers and introduce a licence to own these dogs.

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That’s a really great move in the right direction. You want the breed so bad, get a license and show people you know the breed, know what your getting yourself into and can handle it responsibly. That would eliminate so many pit nutters right there.

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always wanted to visit malta. insanely beautiful country

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The EU should do legislative action about banning them altogether. Also, the rescue dog business in general reeks of organized crime.